Game of Thrones

The Script Of Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Is Allegedly Leaked & The Finale Looks Promising

Spoiler Alert: The post is dark and full of spoilers. Game of Thrones is the most popular show on television right now. Fans wait for almost a year for 10 hours of footage of their favourite show. This time though, the wait is going to be longer as Game of Thrones‘ season 8 will come […]

Before You Download Stuff From Torrents, You Should Know About These Piracy Laws

Have you been downloading and seeding your favorite movies because it’s free? Did you download the Game Of Thrones episode or a movie still running in the theatres via torrents? After reading this you might want to be a little more careful. A report by Quint stated that Bollywood loses $2.7 billion to piracy every year. Also, […]

10 Highly Acclaimed TV Shows We Are Not Allowed To Hate In 2017

If the internet has done anything positive for humanity, it’s been giving them a platform to be complete jerks from the comfort of their own home. Source But the internet has also opened grounds for legitimate criticism and feedback which creators can use to improve their art. Unless of course, you dare to criticise any […]

Here’s What It Looks Like When You Put All 174,373 Deaths From Game of Thrones In One Video

If you’re not familiar with Game of Thrones, here’s a spoiler: Everybody Dies. True fans will tell you that the series is not so much about who’s on the iron throne as it is about survival. It’s George R. R. Martin’s willingness to slaughter fan-favourite characters ruthlessly that really sets the show apart, and keeps […]

Much Like Winter, A Game Of Thrones Themed Cafe Is Here In Mumbai

Since Winter is coming and we need something warm, a new cafe has been opened which is inspired from Game Of Thrones! You heard it right folks! If you are still feeling the blues of missing the show then head down to this cafe and talk endlessly about it. They share the same acronym too. […]

A Game of Thrones Extra Is An Adult Film Star And She’s Loving Every Minute Of It

Hey, everybody remembers Game Of Thrones, right? Because it was the only thing people could think about for a whole month. Source  What do you want to be when you grow up? Doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher? Well whatever it is, it might not be what you end up doing. Because life has a funny way of […]

The Trailer For Westeros 2019 Takes the Game Of Thrones Universe And Sets It In The Modern World

Game Of Thrones is over. All the dragon dying, boat sex and gratuitous violence have come to an end, only to resume in 2019. Source  But the world is never patient and it needs what it needs. And right now, it needs another fix of Game Of Thrones because god knows, waiting for 2019 is […]

Tyrion’s ‘Worried’ Look At The Finale Episode In Game Of Thrones Is Finally Explained

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the “Game of Thrones” season seven finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf.” Game Of Thrones latest episode has fans talking and raving about it till now. People can’t get over the surprise of the death of Littlefinger, Jon and Daenerys doing it and even about the Night King(finally passing the wall). […]

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