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Before You Download Stuff From Torrents, You Should Know About These Piracy Laws

Have you been downloading and seeding your favorite movies because it’s free? Did you download the Game Of Thrones episode or a movie still running in the theatres via torrents? After reading this you might want to be a little more careful. A report by¬†Quint¬†stated that Bollywood loses $2.7 billion to piracy every year. Also, […]

HBO Was Hacked Again But This Time It Was Their Social Media Accounts

By this time, I am sure your Facebook feed by now must be filled with videos and articles talking about the latest episode leak of Game Of Thrones. From what happened (the leak) to people’s reaction to the episode is all that everyone is talking about! But it seems that the trouble for HBO doesn’t […]

The Upcoming Episode Of Game Of Thrones Gets Leaked Online – Hotstar Responsible?

A low quality version of episode 4, of the current season, of Game of Thrones has been leaked online. The show, currently in its 7th season, reported a hack a few days back, with upcoming episodes, and even script being hacked. Whether or not this current leak is a part of the aforementioned hack is […]

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