These Jokes Are The Only Thing Visible In Delhi After Dense Smog Causes Health Emergency

Delhi is covered with a smog blanket and an emergency was declared. Doctors in Delhi have declared a pollution emergency as smog chokes the capital. The declaration of IMA (Indian Medical Association) has stated that the most harmful pollutant known as PM 2.5 has reached¬†703 micrograms per cubic meter. In 2014, the WHO (World Health […]

These 10 Totally Random Tweets Will Make You Laugh At How Pointless They Are

Do not look for logic in these funny tweets, they are pretty random.

MP CM Says “Madhya Pradesh Roads Are Better Than the US”. Twitter Says: NO

Nation wants to know, what is CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan smoking?!

#MeAsAParent Is Taking Over Twitter And Us Desis Can’t Seem To Stop With The Humor

These folks will make some really good parents! The next generation isn’t as doomed as we thought!

Twitter Had Some Amazing Reactions To Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s Car Being Stolen

Millions of cars get stolen every day, but none of them are as important as Arvind Kejriwal’s humble little Wagon R.

People On Twitter Couldn’t Digest The Sarcasm In Twinkle Khanna’s Tweet On Karwa Chauth

Some people just don’t understand the art of sarcasm, unlike Twinkle Khanna.

Twitter Played The Role Of A Stand-Up Comedian At The Apple Event And It’s Hilarious!

Indian twitter joined in to ‘celebrate’ the launch of the brand new iPhone model. Here is what they had to say!

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