This Guy Photoshops Himself In His Own Childhood Pictures And The Result Is Brilliant!

Who says magic does not exist? We have photoshop in today’s time and well, that is pretty close to magic. With technology growing so much with each passing day, Photoshop is one tool that can do the unimaginable. Montreal-based photographer Conor Nickerson is making the best use of this tool and the result is certainly hilarious. […]

Supreme Court Bans The Sale Of Firecrackers In Delhi And This Is What Twitterati Has To Say

The Supreme Court passed a ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi. The Supreme Court has restored a ban on the sale of firecrackers till 1st of November. The ban applies in Delhi and the nearby states stating it wants to access the difference to the air quality. According to NDTV, In November last […]

According To Bollywood, You Will Meet The Love Of Your Life At These Places

Bollywood makes us believe in the most amusing things like love. Bollywood has made us believe in many fictional things including love. It has also been successful in making us believe that when we will meet the one, there will be a song playing in the background, winds will play with your hair, and your […]

15 WTF Bollywood Songs From The 90’s That Will Make You Laugh!

We have grown up listening to our favourite tracks from Bollywood movies. We used to hum along to the tunes of ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’, ‘Tujhe Dekha Toh’, ‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen’ during Aantakshri.  Whenever we listen to the songs nowadays, we crib at the vulgar lyrics that has been on trend but if you […]

13 Everyday Things That Sound Hilariously Complicated When Explained In Shuddh Hindi

Hindi is a language of great dignity. A language of a glorious civilization that’s still thriving. It’s also a language that might not be the best in every situation. Because there might be certain phrases or expressions that lose their meaning entirely when translated into Hindi. And these aren’t really difficult words in the first […]

8 Extremely Unfortunate Underwear Trends Throughout History

Everybody is wearing underwear, hopefully. Everyone is happy about it, again, hopefully. Underwear serves an important but simple function, keeping the “andar ki baat’ where it’s meant to be, “andar”. It protects your most important bits from the wind, rain, heat and cold. It’s warm, comfortable and practical, all at the same time. But like […]

10 Of The Longest Town Names In The World We Bet You Won’t Be Able To Pronounce

The longest place name is located in Thailand and we really want to know who came with it. What’s in a name? Well, the name of the place you’re living in will matter. Imagine someone asking where you live and you not being able to pronounce the name. The amount embarrassment you’ll face when that […]

10 Of The Most Ridiculous Product Placements In Bollywood Movies We’ve Seen Till Now

Movies are genuinely a great platform to market products. Product placements are quite ‘in the face’ in Bollywood. The funniest part is that they make it so obvious and imply that the audience is blind and can’t see what they want to sell.This list does include good movies and we really hope Bollywood keeps it […]

These 13 Garbage Tweets Are Perfect To Make You Laugh After Having A Stinky Day!

Twitter randomly tweets such garbage and sometimes it is funny. Have a look.

Ryan Reynolds Appreciation Day: Taking A Look At A Legend’s Wit Through 10 Tweets

Some actors/celebrities are cool. Others redefine boring words like ‘cool’. Case in point, Ryan Reynolds. There are very few people who can recreate careers after playing a real bad Green Lantern. Then go on to become a cult classic as Dead Pool. Let’s just agree that Ryan Reynolds is a pretty damn cool person in general. […]

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