Man Recreates His Wife’s Pregnancy Photos After Having McDonald’s For Lunch

Give a man fish and he’ll eat for a day. Give a man McDonald’s and he’ll replicate your pregnancy photos. Nick Roberts and his girlfriend Brianna decided to do a photoshoot with their photographer friend Stephen Cwiok. Brianna forgot about the shoot so the two men did what men do best, eat food. The photo shoot […]

These 18 Funny Titles Were Digital Media’s Gift To The World; Not A Very Good Gift

Here are some titles that we found on the Internet have just one response: EWWWWWW

10 Things To Tell Your Tamilian Friend To Annoy The Hell Out Of Them

Things that every Tamilian is tired of hearing.

8 Times The Indian Parliament Gave A Stiff Competition To The Great Indian Laughter Challenge

Following politics can be a bit taxing. A good place to start what actually happens in parliament is to watch the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha sessions. These sessions end up creating controversies when opposing parties go at each other like children in a tussle. But there’s no denying they are a gold mine for […]

Sunny Leone Got Pranked On The Set Of Her New Film But It Was Her Revenge That Made Headlines

It did take a while for Sunny Leone to become a part of the Bollywood fraternity but as time passed by, we couldn’t help but fall for her fun and humanitarian nature.  Source She’s come a long way in the industry and is currently promoting her upcoming movie ‘Tera Intezaar’. She recently shared a video […]

15 Unrelated Tweets That Will Help You Cope With The Tragedy That Is Tuesday Morning

The weekend was great, right? Well too bad coz’ now it’s over. But hey, you’ve gotten past Monday right? which means you only have four more days to go. four more awful, no good miserable days that will push you to the limit. Between all the work your boss thinks you’re doing and the 15-minute […]

10 Catchiest Writings Found On Public Toilet Walls That Are Hilarious AF!

Next time you use a public restroom, keep your eyes open!

A Quora User Wanted To Ask Deepika Padukone Out And The Answers Are Hilarious!

Deepika Padukone is a Bollywood Diva! She has more than 16 million fans following her on Instagram. She is absolutely gorgeous and I personally love her dressing style. Each year I see her growing as a star, learning, and rocking than last year. She started her career as a model and moved to acting later. […]

Rahul Gandhi’s Latest One-Liner About Aloo Is The New Goldmine Of Internet Jokes

Rahul Gandhi does it again and honestly, we are not even surprised! He has been giving us moments to laugh on over the years and looks like we have a new one after his speech in Patan, Gujarat. At this point, we’re not even sure if he cracks these hilarious one-liners on purpose. Source His […]

In Loving Memory Of The ₹500 and ₹1000 Notes: Here’s The Impact Of Demonetization On Us

Mitrooooooooooon! Aaj raat 12 baje se, aapke paise Congress ki tarah useless ho jayenge mitroooooon… Exactly 365 days ago, ‘Pradhan Sevak’ Narendra Modi addressed the nation. It was an ordinary evening that would in-turn lead to something out-of-the-box and change our lives forever. Demonetization hit us hard. With almost no cash at our disposal, we […]

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