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Here Are 15 Legit Facts That Have The Power Of Blowing Your Mind

The human brain is actually very easy to fascinate and sometimes, even the tiniest of information leaves us flabbergasted!  Source Before I give you all the fascinating fun facts, here’s one to ruin your day: TODAY IS NOT FRIDAY  Source Let’s begin this ‘DID YOU KNOW’ spree: 1) You Can Eat Gold  It makes sense […]

Ever Wondered What These Different Numbers On Indian Train Coaches Mean?

India is blessed with the world’s fourth-largest railway network. Almost every part of the country has been impeccably connected via the rails and the system carries around  23 million people every day from one place to another. While you too must have traveled by trains, did you ever notice the numbers painted on different bogeys? […]

10 Bizarre Facts About Sex From History Since Sex Education Is Still Not A Subject At School!

The amount of curiosity when it comes to ‘sex’ is immeasurable. While India has taken its own amount of time to be able to speak out the word out loud, sex has had its own course in history. In the past, it was just a mode of creating babies and there wasn’t much pleasure associated […]

10 Weird Jobs That Our Ancestors Have Done If You Think Your Job Sucks!

If technology keeps booming the same way, there are chances that 47% of the present jobs will be replaced. The same way, there were jobs in the ancient times that do not exist anymore and got replaced with machines and gadgets. And not many of them were the kind you would want to get paid […]

Have Ever Wondered Why Most Planes Are Painted White?

We are all intrigued by everything related to airplanes. But have you ever wondered why commercial planes are usually white? Some may have striped or decorations or name of the carrier on them, but majorly airplanes have a white base color. Well, it’s not just a coincidence, there is an actual reason for it. In […]

Did You Know That Airplane Windows Were Square Shaped Before They Were Changed To Round?

Well, how many of you have always asked the airlines crew to get you on a window seat? It’s always fun to see through the clouds and listen to some music, you in your own personal space. Well, other than noticing that why are we supposed to keep the window panes open while landing and […]

Ever Wondered Why Is It Called “Going Dutch” When You Split The Bill And Pay For Yourself?

If you don’t know what “going Dutch” means, well, it is the sheer pleasure of splitting the bill and paying for yourself when you go out with a group. Though it isn’t a very good idea if you are a non-alcoholic or even worse, a vegetarian and you end up paying for the chicken nuggets […]

From A to Z, This Is How We Selected The Letter “K” To Denote “Thousand”

I want every article of mine to reach to a Thousand likes. Short Term Goals! The song  ‘A Thousand Years’ from the (please don’t judge me) eternal-love-vampire-saga ‘Twilight’ is playing in the background! There are a Thousand bells ringing in my head as to why would we choose a simple letter “K” from the huge […]

10 Things You See Everyday And Still Not Know The Actual Use Of

Life is so busy these days that it would be no surprise that half the time we are not even present in the moment. Sometimes, we are multi-tasking to so much extent that we have no idea about the most trivial things around. There are some things that we use every day, see every now […]

Here’s Why Flight Attendants Make You Open Your Window Shades Before Landing And Take Offs

Flights are quite quick when it comes to reaching every and any corner on the globe but the extra load of travel that comes with the check-ins and security checks is always a hassle. I really love flights and the fact that we at some point are mid-air, but trust me, going through the queues […]

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