The Scariest Thing About Horror Films Are These 7 Overused Tropes. They Need To Go ASAP.

Horror movies are bread and butter of cynics and adventure junkies.

13 Totally Unrelated Tweets That Will Make Your Friday Go A Little Faster

Friday is here. One more day before you can stop wearing pants in the morning, yay! ┬áSource Friday is the almost there day. The day where you’re inexplicably close to the weekend. You know you can make it, but you’re not sure how. Because even as the clock ticks away, and the possibilities that the […]

10 Hilarious But Totally Unrelated Tweets To Make This Friday Just A Little Bit Better

We know Friday sucks. It’s that last stretch before you can finally ignore your boss. And since we can’t convince your boss to just let you go already, we can try entertaining you the one way we know how…Tweets. But we’re not talking about Tweets that deal with difficult subjects. Or Tweets that make fun […]

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