The Crowd Singing ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ During The Football Match Will Give You Goosebumps

Indian football has been on the upward trajectory in the last few years. From clawing our way up on the FIFA rankings to brushing shoulders with the best in the business, the Indian National team has managed to make a mark recently. A few days back, Suneil Chhetri uploaded a video asking fans of the […]

A Cleric In Uttar Pradesh Issues Fatwa Against Muslim Women Watching Football

Football is the bees-knees for women, at least that is what a certain cleric from Deoband, Uttar Pradesh considers. Recently a fatwa was issued against Muslim women from enjoying the innocent sport of football as spectators. The reason for this said fatwa is weird. The fatwa claims: A Muslim woman should not look at men […]

16 Fastest Goals In Football History By Substitute Players That Stole The Limelight

Eenie meenie miney mo , who is the fastest of them all.

Women From North-East Allegedly Harassed At ISL Game In Chennai

It’s time we understand that Racism is not a joke and we must pick our words and monitor our actions with utmost care. We are citizens of one country and it couldn’t be more shameful to acknowledge the fact about how we racist we are towards people from different states. Source Recently, North Eastern girls […]

5 Facts The World Doesn’t Know About The History-Making Cricketer Ellyse Perry

You don’t know Ellyse Perry. You should. She is perhaps the most multi-talented athlete ever. Source Here are 5 facts about her that you don’t know, but when you do, you will also be in awe of her! #1 This Australian cricketer recently scored 213* in the Women’s Ashes series. This is the highest test […]

Dhoni’s Performance In Last Night’s Celebrity Football Match Was As Good As His Batting

Mahendra Singh Dhoni again stole the limelight, only this time its football and not cricket. The former cricket captain Dhoni ruled the Celebrity Clasico match. The format in which the cricketers are playing against the celebrities, yesterday, the match was entertaining as hell. So when the cricketers on one side and celebrities on other, the […]

Indian Football Fans Took Over The Delhi Metro With Their Passionate Chants & It Was Amazing

“Oh when the Bluessss… Go marching in! I wanna be in that number… When the Blues go marching in!” As you all know, the FIFA U17 World Cup is being held in India right now. A billion dreams turned into a reality as the Indian team finally managed to make an appearance in a FIFA […]

Wayne Rooney Just Broke Millions Of Hearts By Announcing His Retirement From International Football!

I remember watching multiple World Cups and supporting the team, only because of the brilliance that was Wayne Rooney. He sure did make the matches quite eventful! Football is a religion and this religion will forever have Wayne Rooney’s name etched on it. Source The English striker’s career has come a full circle.┬áHe learned everything […]

Die-hard Fan Tweets For 77 Days To Get Noticed By ManU Footballer Anthony Martial!

There are fans and there are super fans. Sometimes the only thing distinguishing the either is persistence and oodles of patience. If you’ve ever been a fan of anyone, you know you’d do literally anything to have your idol notice your very existence. In this case, the idol happened to be Manchester United’s Anthony Martial […]

Theo Walcott Screwed Up His New Tattoo And Twitter Ain’t Forgiving Him For It!

Theo went too forward and kind of botched up his tattoo that will thus stay on his skin permanently. He posted the picture of his new ink and there was a glaring typo in the script.

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