We Now Have A Sliced-Ketchup Kickstarter Because God Is Dead

Weird things have started happening way too frequently now. And one of the major weird things has to be this condiment which is basically slices of Ketchup. You can pack a bottle in your picnic basket, but it takes up a lot of room. It can separate, so you get a big splash of semi-clear […]

How Chef Gordon Ramsay Became A Fan Of the Red Ant Chutney Made In Chhatisgarh

Every state of India has its own unique taste and that’s one of the main reasons why our country is a paradise for food lovers. Indian food is not just restricted to a certain kind of flavor and our favorite chef, Gordon Ramsay decided to put one of the most unconventional Indian dishes on his […]

10 Simple Ways To Check If There Are Harmful Adulterants In Your Delicious Food

Life has taught us one thing – we can never really be sure if what we’re dunking into our mouths is in fact food. From harmless things like water in milk to adding carcinogens to your pepper, food manufacturers are willing to cut a staggering number of corners ot keep costs of production nice and […]

8 Weird Lays Flavours That Might Just Be Better Than The Iconic Magic Masala

There is and always will be one flavour to rule them all. Lays Magic Masala is the epitome of everything India can do correctly. We can fry things, cover them in ambiguous orange flavouring and eat them. Magnificent. But just like Indians enjoy searing their buttholes with spice, other countries enjoy…other things. Which is probably […]

Can’t Seem To Do Your Morning Business? Enjoy A Refreshing Sip Of Laxative Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is very much the world’s preferred form of induced diabetes. Source Since it was founded back in 1886, the company and its infamous product have taken over the world. From countless endorsements to downright sponsoring the Olympics, the brand is well known for its brown sugary drink. But it turns out, it might just […]

Meet The Mumbai Men Who Became Millionaires By Selling Vada Pao On The Streets Of London

Let this be your motivation story of 2017! When the recession hit London, Sujay Sohani, lost his job but now he earns more than 4 crores annually! The recession got people in financial distress across the globe. Many of the people working abroad and in India, lost their┬ájobs. While there is still a job crisis […]

Man Recreates His Wife’s Pregnancy Photos After Having McDonald’s For Lunch

Give a man fish and he’ll eat for a day. Give a man McDonald’s and he’ll replicate your pregnancy photos. Nick Roberts and his girlfriend Brianna decided to do a photoshoot with their photographer friend Stephen Cwiok. Brianna forgot about the shoot so the two men did what men do best, eat food.┬áThe photo shoot […]

Sandwiches Are The Dark Knight Of Food Items – The Heroes We Need But Not The Ones We Deserve

In the fight between vada pav and aloo tikki, we all forget about Sandwiches. Source Why do you underrate the humble sandwiches? It is the food that you can have as breakfast, lunch or dinner. The least expensive food and swear on my always hungry stomach, it leaves me satisfied. Source The food which is […]

Forget Poha, Idlis And Fruits, Aloo Ka Parantha Will Always Be The Best Breakfast In India

What is in your mouth right now? Spit it out! It doesn’t matter what it was…it can never compare to the beauty and perfection that is Aloo Paratha. You see how beautiful that Aloo ka Parantha looks? How soft and crispy and golden it is? It’s like the sunrise except annoying people aren’t jogging in […]

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