45-Year-Old Mandira Bedi Doing Push-Ups In A Saree Is A Nightmare For Patriarchy

Mandira Bedi is known for breaking norms and what she recently did just proves how she doesn’t believe in stereotypes at all. From breaking the norm of sarees and short hair, Mandira has always shown the world how there is no norm that women need to follow and her doing push-ups in a saree proves […]

Parents Moved Back With Their Son For 6 Months And Their Lives Changed Completely

Working out is so much more than just hitting the gym. It’s a journey, it is a lifestyle that changes you physically and mentally.   Source 32-year-old Chinese Photographer, Jesse decided to record his transformation and the best part of his journey was that he wasn’t alone in this. His family decided to change their lifestyle […]

This Actor’s Insane Transformation To Becoming A Boxer For Mukkabaaz Is Unbelievable

It’s just about that time when a dozen or so New Year’s resolutions will kick in giving people around the world a reason to spend ₹20,000 on a gym membership which they will diligently attend for a week. Source But if you’re looking for a little motivation to get that desperately needed exercise, look no further […]

Comments On Soha Ali’s Picture Flaunting Her Baby Bump Are Simply Disturbing!

Bollywood has been celebrating motherhood for quite a while now and it absolutely delightful to see these Bollywood Divas embracing their pregnancy with such grace. Recently, mommy-to-be Soha Ali Khan is seen following the footsteps of Kareena Kapoor and is not hesitating one bit to share her happiness on social media.  Her Instagram account is […]

We’re Totally Crushing Over This 50-Year-Old Man ‘Chuando’ Who Looks 20!

We’re pretty sure this guy would give our Bollywood actors tough competition! This fine human is Chuando Tan, a Singaporean model, and photographer.  He is probably aging in reverse and we are so hitting the gym after seeing him! His friends call him CD and the internet is losing it over him since a Chinese news […]

Carolyn Hartz Has To Be The Best Looking 70 Year Old Out There And The Internet Is In Love

Age is cruel. It marches on, leaving a bunch of victims in its wake. Shit typically begins to hit the fan when you hit 50 and just keep increasingly hitting multiple fans the older you get. And even though diet, exercise and other boring things can keep you going strong, there will always be a certain […]

If You Think Milind Soman Is The Fittest Then You Need To See His 78-Year-Old Mother Doing Planks

Milind Soman is definitely our God of fitness and a superhuman like him has ought to have a supermom. His 78-year-old mother is the perfect definition of ‘Fitness Goals’ at the age of 78. She is more fit than people half her age and we can’t seem to get enough of her awesomeness. Let’s not […]

Salman Khan Has Been Giving Us Fitness Goals Since 1990

Have you ever noticed a 50 something uncle in your building? Doesn’t his belly look heavier than he does? In India, we don’t devote time towards fitness because we think we are too busy. Bollywood celebs like Milind Soman, Salman Khan, and Shilpa Shetty are a class apart when it comes to fitness regimes.  Salman […]

This Dance Group Just Made Baba Ramdev’s Yoga Instructions A Lot More Fun!

Yoga is about flexibility, fitness, and fortitude. No one ever said, “Yoga is fun!”.  We’ve all been bombarded with the importance of practicing it for long-term health benefits, but most of us give up after some time. Mostly, because it isn’t fun. However, this dance group called iNVINCIBLE led by  Shraey Khanna changes all that! […]

Shilpa Shetty Has A Very Own Menu Dedicated To Her At Google HQ Cafe!

Google is known for its innovative and path breaking approach to technology. This mantra applies to their work culture as well. Recently, the Google HQ at San Jose, California, invited guest Shilpa Shetty for a special ‘Art of Well-Being’ talk centered around fitness and health. It is no secret that Shilpa Shetty is an avid […]

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