So Priyanka Chopra Basically Cosplayed As This WWE Star At The Met Gala 2018

Hmm… I really don’t know how to put this across but I guess you’ve already been spammed by how our desi women showed up at the Red carpet of the Met Gala. And let’s be honest, nobody gets how this is fashionable. It’s basically a hive mind of ‘yass queen’ plebs coming together and forming […]

These Bizarre Clothing Items Are The Reason Why We’ll Never Understand Fashion

Fashion giant Coco Chanel once said: “I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.” While this might come off as arrogance, I am pretty sure that millions of CC customers would beg to differ. But when it comes to fashion, A lot of men would sympathise with me on this; and rightly so. The world of […]

Designer Gianni Versace’s Controversial Murder Was What Nightmares Are Made Of

We all know the brand Versace but did you know the man behind it was murdered by a serial killer? Versace is one of the world’s premier luxury brands and the man behind it, Gianni Versace, was an undisputed genius. But he was tragically shot dead in front of his mansion in Miami Beach in 1997. […]

India’s Top 7 Stylists That Make Sure Your Favorite Bollywood Stars Are Dressed To Kill

Bollywood is not just about acting in films, it is a 24*7 dedicated job to looking perfect, doing perfect and talking perfect! For Bollywood celebrities, their job is not finished with a wrap-up! The pressure of looking the best wherever they go follows them everywhere. Also, with social media making celebrities accessible to their fans all […]

Pakistani School Girl Walks The Ramp Dressed As A Bride As A Reminder Of Child Marriage

 This designer from Pakistan brings a fresh and innovative change to the wedding season that we are probably now tired of seeing on our timelines.  Well, it is the wedding season and aren’t we all full of mixed emotions as we see those beautiful brides wearing gorgeous lehengas. However, for Pakistani designer Ali Xeeshan, this […]

On His Birthday, Looking Back At The Most Iconic Manish Malhotra Costumes In Bollywood Films

Manish Malhotra needs to formal introduction. From dressing up our stars for the red carpet to making them look like characters from fairy tales on their weddings, he has been doing it all! Source Manish got his first break in 1990 with Juhi Chawla’s ‘Swarg’ and the man hasn’t looked back since then. It’s been […]

8 Worst Fashion Trends That We Are Never Forgiving Bollywood For

With every new film that releases at the box office, fashion trends shed their skin and take up new forms, inspiring the latest haute couture cult. Trends are often sparked up by Bollywood films, reach to the zeniths with flea markets brimming with the latest style and finally come to an abrupt end as another […]

7 Indian Fashion Bloggers Who Are Shutting Down Body Shamers With A Click Of Beauty!

Fairness creams, anti-aging serums, weight loss diets and what not, our whole economy revolves around our insecurities, with people constantly feeding us with their body shaming. And when it comes to the world of fashion and glamor, these beauty standards are even more stark and visible. Have you ever found dark-skinned models endorsing brands? Or […]

Ugly And Useless:10 ‘Fashion Pieces’ By Designers That Should Never Have Existed

Fashion is often associated with trendy clothes and having a presentable appearance. The beauty of it is – it is ever-changing. However, there is also a dark side to it. The dark side called utter nonsense and useless in real life. Fashion houses continuously try to push the envelope by creating world class designs. Sometimes […]

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Might Be A Great Movie But The Trends It Started Were Embarrassing

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was the iconic romantic movie of Bollywood. As a kid, I loved the movie like anything and whenever the movie came on the television set, I made sure that I would watch it. While the movie might have been great and coined the “Pyaar Dosti Hai”, there were major plot holes in […]

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