We Bet You Don’t Know These 11 Amazing Facts About SRK That He Doesn’t Talk About

Even the hardcore fans don’t know a lot of these facts about the Baadshah of Bollywood – Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan is widely considered as the wittiest actor in Bollywood. He hails from a humble background and has managed to conquer the industry with his amazing determination and skill. He, in every essence […]

These Little Known Facts From Your Favourite Bollywood Movies Will Make You Love Them Even More

There’s a story behind every Bollywood actor we love and every movie that we cherish and these are bound to leave you astonished!  Source We bring to you a collection of facts from the industry that’ll change the way you look at your favorite celebs and the movies they’ve worked in. 1) Waheeda Rahman has […]

15 Facts About International Brands You’ll Have A Hard Time Believing

Did you know Apple iPad’s retina display is manufactured by Samsung? It is impossible to know everything about everything. We can always try but we’ll always fail. In this endless spectrum of knowledge, it’s important to take care of the little details. There’s a reason big businesses spend hours in meeting rooms. Popular products we […]

This Is Why Judges Break The Nib Of Their Pen After Giving A Death Sentence

Over the world, in the legal system, approximately 56 countries still practice capital punishment when it comes to heinous crimes like murder and rape. Almost 103 countries have abolished the practice of giving a death note to the convicts for all the crimes. However,  it is a common practice for judges to break the nib of […]

10 Lesser Known Facts About Periods That Are Actually ‘Bloody’ Surprising

They happen every month! And they are probably one biological phenomenon that gives every woman a hard time whether they come or don’t! Periods are every woman’s constant companion for quite a period of time in her life and there is no denying the fact that women should be awarded for the bloody bath they […]

These 7 Facts About Coffee Will Make You Want To Get Some Caffeine In Your System Right Away

Did you know that coffee is actually a fruit and people used to eat caffeine? Coffee is the most amazing beverage ever, isn’t it? It is the caffeine that runs through coffee lover’s blood! We don’t see the time before we have a finely brewed cup! There is so much more history and facts behind […]

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Alcohol

 The age limit to drink wine is 18, 21 years for beer and 25 years for hard liquor. (in Maharashtra) According to a report, an individual’s alcohol consumption per year in India is 6.2 liters. The liquor consumption is the most in the state of Kerala. When you have a drink, the alcohol is absorbed […]

Bet You Didn’t Know These 14 Game Of Thrones Facts!

There is nothing about the ‘Game Of Thrones’ that we don’t like and it keeps surprising us with new plots and twists when we are least expecting them. The series has million of fans across the globe and it has managed to keep us hooked to it till this day. Source We might not know but […]

These 15 Psychological Facts Are Your Guide To Understand People Better!

The body language of an individual says a lot about people. The way their hands move as they talk, the movement of the eyes and their posture gives us a brief idea about what exactly could they be thinking about.  Source It is easier to communicate when we understand people around us. It not only […]

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