5 Reasons Why Virendra Sehwag Is The King Of Tweets

Social Media has become a tool for sportspersons to stay in touch with their fans. Some players update their fans via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram about their tours and matches. And then there’s Virendra Sehwag, who not only uses social media to connect with his fans but also spread messages across and put a smile […]

Without Advertisements, How Does WhatsApp Earn Money?

How was a free application WhatsApp acquired at $19 billion? Who uses SMS now? WhatsApp has 940 million users and that is only increasing by seconds. Thanks to companies like Jio, accessing the internet is much easier and affordable now. When Brian Acton and Jan Koum founded it in 2009, the only purpose they wanted […]

Irfan Pathan Just Posted A Picture With His Wife, Safa Baig And The Comments Took It Too Far

Cricketer Irfan Pathan was hounded by comments on a Facebook post which depicted him sitting next to his wife. This picture seems fairly harmless. In fact, both Safa Baig and Pathan are looking exceptionally happy. It’s a very typical picture that delightful couples post to let everybody know just how much in love they are. Yes, […]

Virat Kohli’s Tried Congratulating Mithali Raj But He Made A Shocking Mistake On His Post

One of the major talking points about women’s sports is the fact that not a lot of Indians are supportive. While we tend to religiously follow the mens department, we rarely pay any heed to what the women are up to. With the ongoing Womens Cricket World Cup, things look slightly better now. The players […]

The Net Worth Of The 10 Richest People In The World As Signified By Indian Snacks

‘Paise mitti ki dhool hain’. But not for us. For us, “paisa” is the reason we wake up in the morning. Paisa is what helps us entertain ourselves by watching Baahubali: The Conclusion a 5th time. Paisa is what buys us Butter Chicken when our Tinder date cancels on us. But for some lucky/hard working/insanely smart […]

8 Things We Want Facebook To Stop Doing To Us Right Now

Facebook is basically all of us these days. Right from our smartphones to our lives, this is one social media site that is ruling us in and out. From our never ending friend lists to our photo albums to a repertoire of all the places we have ever been to, Facebook has our life noted […]

Truly A ‘Baahubali’, Prabhas Thanks His Fans With The Most Humble Facebook Post

There is clearly no need for me to put an introduction to the Baahubali frenzy! Apart from breaking records, creating history and becoming the most ‘talked about’ subject in humanity ever, the movie has literally been the air, the country’s breathing right now! And behind such magnificent work of art are surely artists that know their […]

These ‘High On Hormones’ Facebook Creeps Are So Funny We Just Couldn’t Report Them!

We really don’t need to give you a tour of how interesting Facebook has been for us, from sharing “What’s on your mind”, to your pictures to letting people know the exact location where you just pee-ed! Other than your friends, there someone else too who has an eye for you. These nocturnal species is […]

Did You Know Facebook Let’s You Block Out Your Least Favourite Memories On Particular Days?

Just imagine you broke up with this awful person a couple of years ago. Actually, exactly two years ago, to the day almost. You’re over it, but would rather not think about it too much. You’re moving on with life and scrolling through their Facebook feed when BAM! Turns out that horrible person got married […]

Arnab Goswami Threatened With Imprisonment If He Says ‘Nation Wants To Know’ Ever Again!

If there was ever a phrase that defined Arnab Goswami, it is ‘Nation Wants To Know’. The man has been using this phrase for two decades and it has formed a pivotal moment in his career. He left Times Now as editor-in-chief to start his own venture ‘The Republic’. This move ruffled a few feathers […]

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