The” You Have Two Cows” Theory Used To Explain 11 Sites And Apps We All Use

So you’ve probably heard of the two cows theory by this point in your life. If you haven’t, shame on you. Source It is a simple metaphor used to explain complicated concepts. It began when people would explain the functioning of different political systems using two cows. Take for example, Communism: You have two cows. […]

Cambridge Analytica, A Company Involved With Indian Elections, Has Been Caught Bribing Politicians

Senior executives at Cambridge Analytica – the data company that credits itself with Donald Trump’s presidential victory – have been secretly filmed saying they could entrap politicians in compromising situations with bribes and Ukrainian sex workers. It is particularly disturbing because Cambridge Analytica has been allegedly farming Facebook profiles to be used as the target […]

Mahesh Babu Fans Are Hijacking Tom Cruise’s FB Post To Show Who’s The Real Action Star

It was a wonderful day in office as I was browsing through my Facebook to look at numerous memes and dreams. Then I came across a picture on Tom Cruise’s Facebook page. Here’s the image: I clicked on the image to see if people were talking trash about the new Mission Impossible movie. And then […]

Renuka Shahane’s Powerful Facebook Post About Padmaavat’s Chaos Will Make You Think

Padmaavat has been at the center of controversies ever since it was being shot in Rajasthan. We’ve seen fringe groups resorting to violence to prevent Padmaavat’s screening in theaters. Renuka Shahane has posted a powerful photo series on her Facebook account that calls out these groups about their idiotic priorities in life. She has called […]

6 Times We Can’t Believe We Were Fooled By Fake Internet Pictures

The internet is a magical place. A  place where you can connect with people all around the world, a place to learn countless skills for free, a place where someone like Dhinchak Pooja can become famous. But the internet is not all puppies and rainbows. There are countless instances of horrible things popping up online […]

10 Times Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan Were The Simplest Billionaires Walking On Earth

Being the CEO of the world’s biggest social media website, Facebook is daunting. And being the wife of the man who runs the world through Facebook is an even bigger thing. There is no denying the fact that Mark Zuckerberg has changed the face of communication on the world wide web. His one innovative idea […]

12 Signs You Are On The Way To Becoming A Social Media Addict

Social media is becoming a huge part of our day. In fact, can you even think of spending a day without your phone and not constantly missing it? Ironically, you are reading this too on one of your social media apps, I am sure. Not that the present world of unlimited connection and data speeds […]

Facebook Is Asking For Your Nude Pics To Prevent Them From Spreading Online

SEND NUDES is the battle cry of a whole generation of creeps. Source You expect dudes on Tinder to ask for nudes. You expect drunken exes to ask for nudes. You do not expect a multi-million dollar tech company to ask for nudes. But Facebook was never one to play by the rules, so they went […]

WhatsApp Has Answered Our Prayers With A Feature That Lets Us Delete Sent Messages

Guys, I know it has been a shit week for everyone, but something magical just happened. Don’t panic. Simply take a deep breath and let us tell you the magical news – WhatsApp is going to let you delete your messages. Not just on your device – everywhere. You may think this is not that […]

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