embarassing things we do when no one’s looking

A Comprehensive 5-Step Guide To Farting in Public Without Letting Anyone Know

Imagine you ate some Rajma. (Stop drooling, I only said imagine). Then perhaps you boarded a crowded public transport of your choice. Perhaps you’re simply at a restaurant. Suddenly your intestines and stomach refuse to co-operate anymore and absolutely insist on letting out enough wind to power a small city for a year. What next? […]

Check Out These 8 Crazy Things We All Do But Will Never Admit to!

Sometimes, it gets really tiring, having to put on a show of perfection for the world all the time. And so sometimes, we can’t help but be a little human. And that means we get to be a little real, a little flawed, and a lot crazy. Which is why we all can relate to […]

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