A Couple Decided To Have Sex In A Domino’s Outlet & Court Put The Topping Of Justice On Them

What’s your worst memory related to a pizza? Mine involves a topping of ‘chana masala’ and if that abomination was a level 1, this news story is definitely a level 10. Earlier this month, Domino’s had a huge problem with their toppings when a customer found worms in their oregano packets. But woh toh Indian […]

Delhi Man Finds Live Bugs In Oregano Sachets From Domino’s; Here’s The Video!

Are you a pizza fan and do you love sprinkling those oregano sachets on your pizza slice? Well, you shouldn’t be here watching this video as this might terrorize you forever. This video is what nightmares are made of. Rahul Arora, a resident of Delhi ordered Domino’s pizza on September 8 and just like all […]

Forget Boring Railway Food, You Can Now Get Domino’s And KFC At Your Seats!

Say goodbye to the boring food that railway used to provide! What at one time used to be mandatory, the railway food is now optional to the passengers.¬†From June 15, passengers in Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains can pre-order their favourite fast food to their seat online, on phone call or by SMS. The Indian Railways […]

There Could Be No Love Greater Than Pizza And Hence It Is The Perfect Wedding Gift

A wedding is all about exchanging presents. Well, not anymore. Domino’s Pizza recently launched a wedding registry for the newlyweds. Whether you are family or a friend, everyone knows a pizza can’t go wrong. Who wouldn’t want some calorie rush on the D-day? So if your¬†friend is ready to get hitched and you have no […]

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