Dimple Kapadia

We Tried To Pick Out The Most Iconic Bollywood Costumes From The Last 5 Decades

Bollywood would be nothing without its costumes. From the dramatic and bold to the grounded and every day – there’s nothing quite like it that captures the essence of India’s style progression. Because while not too many keep up with designers and fashion trends, everyone religiously goes to the movies. So we tried to look […]

How Stoned Were People While Shooting For The Song Kaisi Hai Yeh Rut From Dil Chahta Hai?

Guys, remember how awesome Dil Chahta Hai was? A generation defining masterpiece that took a solid look at something no other Hindi movie had done before – first world problems. No longer was there a mustache twirling bad guy waiting to rape somebody’s sister. The villain here was a generation’s search for meaning in their […]

These Bollywood Actresses Are A Picture Perfect Copy Of Their Beautiful Mothers

Bollywood has had its share of beauty since forever.¬†Our yesteryear actresses were a perfect combination of acting skills and beautiful features and they did make sure their timeless beauty was passed on to their even beautiful daughters. If there is one thing that keeps us amazed, it’s the photocopying skills of DNA making sure not […]

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