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Here Are 15 Legit Facts That Have The Power Of Blowing Your Mind

The human brain is actually very easy to fascinate and sometimes, even the tiniest of information leaves us flabbergasted!  Source Before I give you all the fascinating fun facts, here’s one to ruin your day: TODAY IS NOT FRIDAY  Source Let’s begin this ‘DID YOU KNOW’ spree: 1) You Can Eat Gold  It makes sense […]

Have Ever Wondered Why Most Planes Are Painted White?

We are all intrigued by everything related to airplanes. But have you ever wondered why commercial planes are usually white? Some may have striped or decorations or name of the carrier on them, but majorly airplanes have a white base color. Well, it’s not just a coincidence, there is an actual reason for it. In […]

7 Things You Need To Know About Airplanes Before You Board Your Next Flight!

There are some things about aeroplanes that the industry just doesn’t want you to know. Here are some facts you need to know before you travel next.

Here’s Why Flight Attendants Make You Open Your Window Shades Before Landing And Take Offs

Flights are quite quick when it comes to reaching every and any corner on the globe but the extra load of travel that comes with the check-ins and security checks is always a hassle. I really love flights and the fact that we at some point are mid-air, but trust me, going through the queues […]

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