10 Cartoon Theme Songs That Indians Will Always Remember In Hindi

Hindi hamari rashtrabhasha hain. Which is why it shows up just about everywhere. But there is no denying that it can make most moments sound more epic. Moments that otherwise just sound ‘meh’. For example, saying “Quiet” is pretty boring. Saying “KHAMOSH!” – that’s pretty epic. But every now and then Hindi may not be the […]

Guys, PornHub Is Giving Out 16 Lakh Rupees To A Deserving Young Talent For A Reason You Might Not Expect

PornHub is known around the world for entertaining young men and women. So naturally, they take great care to ensure that their main user base is doing well. After all, happy men and women will watch more porn. And be happier. And then watch more porn. So naturally, they’ve decided to do their audience a […]

Shortcuts To Winning Arguments On The Internet Without Losing Your Mind!

The Internet is similar to an Indian monument. You see a brilliant structure all clean and pristine but as you walk out and get around the monument you see dirty lanes with garbage all over the streets. The Internet is essentially more of that filthy street. We have freedom of expression and speech. At times this freedom […]

A Video Of This Beggar With A Hot Girlfriend Is Shocking Everyone On The Streets

The practice of begging on Indian streets has become a nuisance. Although most of us know that it is just like another business making money, we still give in. Because guilt is stronger. Or maybe we like getting duped by beggars. This beggar, however, is duping people into something entirely different. He walks around the […]

This Man Continues Mowing His Lawn Like A Boss Completely Ignoring A Tornado Around The Corner!

What would be your normal reaction when you see a tornado approaching you? Most people would run for their life. Not this guy though. Theunis Wessels, a Canadian citizen, was spotted mowing his lawn like a boss even with a tornado right behind him. The tornado appeared in Alberta, Canada, near their home. His wife Cecilia Wessels […]

Did You Know Shahrukh Khan Met A Fan Of His After She Wouldn’t Stop Tweeting At Him?

All of us have one celeb we would die to meet. But how do you get in touch with the richest and most exclusive people in the world? Simple, Tweet at them. They’ll ignore you. Keep tweeting at them, eventually, they’ll show up. Which is exactly what happened to one very lucky, slightly creepy Shahrukh […]

Did You Know That The Indo-Pak Border Was Visible All The Way In Space?

India and Pakistan have their fair share of conflict. Even though there is a mutually felt unease, it seems to be reduced, especially among citizens of the countries, if not the administrations. But regardless, the extreme hype surrounding the upcoming India-Pakistan match is definitely an indicator that even though there may not be outright dislike, […]

People Should Just Stop Doing These 9 Stupid Things On Social Media, Like ASAP!

Disclaimer #1: If you get offended easily, do not read this. Disclaimer #2: This article is not talking about you, it is about your ‘friend’. Social media churns out fads on a weekly basis. Some of them are genuinely good and useful, while others are utter shite. Pardon my french. The people of course flock to trends […]

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