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Ever Wondered Why Military Vehicles Have Strange Number Plates? Here’s Why!

As per the usual procedure, motorized vehicles are assigned a registration number issued by the RTO of the respective district and the state they belong to. These assigned registration numbers should be displayed on the rear and front ends of the vehicles as per Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) on the number plates. However, military number […]

5 Reasons Why Virendra Sehwag Is The King Of Tweets

Social Media has become a tool for sportspersons to stay in touch with their fans. Some players update their fans via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram about their tours and matches. And then there’s Virendra Sehwag, who not only uses social media to connect with his fans but also spread messages across and put a smile […]

If You’re Looking For A Romantic Getaway, Mussoorie Is The Place For You!

I was first introduced to Mussoorie when I read Ruskin Bond’s story  “The Cherry Tree” in school. All of Bond’s work was greatly inspired by his home in the hills, and you’ll see that he wasn’t lying about the loveliness of this little hill town the minute you arrive. Breathing in the cold, crisp mountain […]

8 Instagram Worthy Places You Can Travel To Without Leaving The Country!

Do you find that scrolling through your Instagram feed leaves you with vacation envy? Do you sometimes wish it were you, sunning yourself on a beach in Hawaii or reading a book in a quaint cafe in Santorini? Well, we have a fix for your monotonous Instagram feed that doesn’t involve mortgaging your precious possessions. […]

This Reddit Thread Roasting Rahul Gandhi Features The Most Savage Burns!

Rahul Gandhi is a favorite topic of jokes, and this is especially true on twitter. He has been the feature of many memes and has kept us entertained for hours with his ‘quirky’ persona. This time, however, the Internet, it seems to have opened floodgates for trolling. Reddit India has a thread called ‘The roast of […]

Twitter Roasts CCD Over Cockroaches At Premises, Starts Movement #BoycottCCD

Seems like CCD tasted bitter flavor of its own coffee, with cockroaches on the side of course! As per logic and law, if you are a restaurant or an establishment in a service industry, you need to adhere to hygiene standards. Especially if you have a popular presence in the country and if your audience is an […]

A Police Officer Harasses Two Youths When They Question Her On Riding Without A Helmet

Akash Deshpande reminded the lady officer that she wasn’t wearing a helmet while she was riding on scooter landed him to the police station. He and his friends were on the bike when they noticed two lady officers that they not only weren’t wearing any helmet but were also talking on the phone. (According to […]

If You’re Having A Rough Day, Here’s What You Need To Read Right Now

“The early bird catches the worm. A stitch in time saves nine. He who hesitates is lost. We can’t pretend we haven’t been told. We’ve all heard the proverbs, heard the philosophers, heard our grandparents warning us about wasted time, heard the damn poets urging us to seize the day. Still, sometimes, we have to […]

Shobhaa De Had Something To Say About First Muslim Oscar Winner & Twitteratti Has Divided Opinion

Shobhaa De describes herself as ‘Journalist, columnist, social commentator, opinion-shaper and author of 18 books’ in her twitter bio. Her social commentary, however, does not always go well with the audience. Her recent foot-in-the-mouth moment with the Mumbai Police got her lot of flak. This time around she tweeted a post, that shows that she […]

Twitter Is Asking Narendra Modi For Free Stuff After He Gifted A Twitter Follower His Stole

Twitter can get moody if you don’t watch it. It can turn nice to funny to weird faster than a Lamborghini. This can only be proven by a  recent event of twitter generosity. The PM of India, Narendra Modi recently unveiled an 112-foot statue of Adiyogi Shiva during Mahashivratri. He was pictured wearing a stunning stole featuring […]

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