The New Baahubali Is An Adorable Newborn Tiger Cub!

There’s another Baahubali now and he is definitely winning hearts but for a different reason. Not only is this little one representing power and valour but he is equally adorable. The Nandankanan zoo authorities in Odisha named a 13-month tiger cub as “Baahubali” at the presence of new Forest and Environment Minister Bijayshree Routray. Representational […]

April The Giraffe Had A Baby And The Internet Came Up With The Most Bizarre Names!

Asking anything from the internet can be a tricky thing. This incident involving April the Giraffe and her newborn is a very good example of it. To give you context, Animal Adventure Park in New York has a very popular resident – April the Giraffe – and she had a baby just a few days earlier. The […]

You Can’t Help But Adore These Pictures From Australia’s First Baby Spa

Everybody likes babies. Even the people that don’t. Like that one friend you have who insists children scare them – they still find babies adorable. They’re tiny, cute and never send you Whatsapp forwards. By extension, of course, everybody loves pictures of babies even more. This love for tiny people is exactly what motivated Kavita […]

These 15 Illustrations Depict A Perfect Relationship In The Cutest Way Possible

Well, when it comes to comic illustrations, all I ever thought of was superheroes flying in their robes and tights, saving the world from all that is bad. Or maybe Shinchan, the kid who was always trying to woo the girls around, with his not so charming unibrow! How about bringing a perfect long term […]

Pixar’s Short Film Piper Delivers A Powerful Message In The Most Adorable Way!

Are you a fan of Pixar’s Short Films? I know I am. They’re so adorable! And after loving La Luna and Day And Night, we have another one to go all “Awwww…” over! This one is called, “Piper” and tells the story, without words of course, about a baby sanderling. This little one is being […]

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