These 25 Pictures Of People Meeting Their Dogs For The First Time Will Melt Your Heart

And the love is just not one-sided, the expression on the faces of these puppers and doggos will make you a believer of true love.

Childhood Pictures Of The World’s Most Dangerous Animals That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

Childhood is more than being in a certain age group. It is an emotion that represents carefree days and joyous moments and you’d be surprised to know that these can be also seen in animals.  These animals will grow up to be extremely fierce predators but that doesn’t stop them from being adorably cute during […]

Move Over Anushka And Virat, KL Rahul And Elixir Nahar Are The Next Big Thing

After Virat and Anushka, we have a new couple that is breaking all records of being flawlessly perfect.  Don’t let the picture confuse you. We’re sure you know the lady on the right, but it’s the woman on the left who is allegedly dating cricketer KL Rahul and they definitely make a super hot couple. […]

This Artist Illustrated Daily Adventures With His Wife And The Comics Are Hilarious

Yehuda Devir is an artist and character designer. His wife is his inspiration for most of the illustrations. There is a series of comics on how the couple gets through each day. Whether it is his wife taking tons of time getting ready or wrecking up the kitchen but ending up with cereal for dinner or […]

These Adorable Pictures Of Adnan Sami With His Daughter Will Melt Your Heart!

Singer Adnan Sami was blessed with the baby girl in the month of May and now the little angel has turned four months old. Adnan, who is a new daddy, couldn’t be more proud and decided to introduce his bundle of joy in the most royal manner possible. Source Adnan and Roya Sami decided to […]

14 Pictures That Prove Kids Are A Perfect Blend Of Serious Trouble And Fun!

Kids are definitely one of the most beautiful creations of God and even though they can cause serious mess sometimes, they are an absolute bundle of joy. They might paint our walls and eat things off the floor but we can’t seem to stop loving them!  Source Well, we all learn from our mistakes and […]

15 Photos Which Prove Love Only Gets Better When You Grow Older

Those who grow old with their loved ones are very lucky. Love makes life a little easy. Life is beautiful when you have someone to hold your hand and walk your path with. Our generation might never know how the older generation survived and held on to relations. Maybe, these senior couples can be an […]

This Animated Film Talks About Homosexuality In The Sweetest Way Possible

This animated movie talks about homosexuality in the sweetest possible way! There are rare films that can explain something so beautifully. And in a world, which is intolerance and hatred is more prominent than love, this animated short film ‘In A Heartbeat’ will make you think and smile. The film picks up the sensitive issue […]

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