[Watch] How A Bollywood Song Saved This Couple’s Marriage From Falling Apart

Sure, I would too want my spouse to sing for me. But not at a Police Station, bro. Well, Indians love keeping it filmy. We can’t stay without drama, can we? There are instances when we too feel the urge to get up and sing on the table but we never do. Indians ke khoon […]

Move Over Anushka And Virat, KL Rahul And Elixir Nahar Are The Next Big Thing

After Virat and Anushka, we have a new couple that is breaking all records of being flawlessly perfect.  Don’t let the picture confuse you. We’re sure you know the lady on the right, but it’s the woman on the left who is allegedly dating cricketer KL Rahul and they definitely make a super hot couple. […]

Is It Possible For You To Love Someone And Still Break Up With Them?

To the person I love, How many times will I give you a chance? I don’t understand why I am allowing you to be a part of my life. What is it about you that makes it so difficult for me to let you go? All of my friends are asking me the same question […]

This Pregnant Couple Keeps The Gender Of Their Baby A Surprise Only To Give A Bigger Surprise!

Korey and Sharon got married in 2010 and were soon blessed with a son. In August 2015, the couple from Pensacola, Florida, was pregnant again. However this time, the pregnant couple kept the gender of their baby a secret and even kept another big surprise for their friends and relatives for some post delivery ‘awws’! The […]

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