10 Of The World’s Teeniest Tiniest Countries Most Of Us Miss Out On Visiting

It seems people have been going around telling people that size doesn’t matter. But if there was any point where that mattered, it’s when it comes to countries. A nation’s landmass affects everything from the lifestyle of its people to the government’s defence policies. But there remain some countries so tiny that they’re often forgotten […]

10 Countries With The Highest NRI Populations Across The World

NRIs, otherwise known as Yash Raj’s primary TG are fairly self-explanatory. They’re non-residential Indians who do not reside in India. Now that that definition has been deeply ingrained in our minds, we can move on. India has the highest number of residents who live outside the country in 2018, which really begs the question, where […]

10 Times Countries Totally Hit “Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V” When Designing Their National Flag

A country’s national flag symbolizes a great deal – from political leanings to religious philosophy. But there’s really only so many design choices one can make with a rectangle, which is why multiple nations have similar flags, for related or completely random reasons. Please Note: Flags are representational and not to scale.  #1 The USA […]

Turns Out The Whole World Is On Short Of Cash, This Is How Cashless The World Has Gone

Hi everyone, let’s talk about the notes and coins in your wallets, shall we? Well, well, what do we know? The world is literally out of cash. Like the rest of the world, we too, are going cashless. Thanks to the internet, electronic systems and all that jazz make it very convenient. It is so […]

These 10 Indian States Are More Populated Than These 10 Countries

What if we told you that Germany is less populated than Andhra Pradesh? It’s 2017 and India is the second most populated country in the whole world. There are 1,349,701,245 humans in the 2,973,450 km sq area of our country. Some experts see India beating China and becoming the most populated country in the world very soon. You […]

This Photographer Travelled The World & Clicked Pictures To Redefine the Beauty Standards Everywhere

The society that we live has defined beauty, keeping in mind certain standards but what we keep forgetting is that beauty is an emotion that can not be defined.  Source There is beauty in everything and everyone around us and photographer Mihaela Noroc, proves this point with her project named The Atlas of Beauty. She is […]

10 Countries With The Most Powerful Armed Forces In The World

A country’s military is a matter of pride for both army men and civilians alike. Source Without the military, we wouldn’t have people to protect us, we wouldn’t feel safe and the Deols wouldn’t have a career. But while we could sing Sandese aate hain for the fifth time in a row, we should probably […]

7 Countries Other Than India Who Are Obsessed With Bollywood Movies

Here are some countries who love Bollywood movies just as much as us and have been making Bollywood filmmakers rich!

These 10 Countries Are Rated Highest For Spending Money On The Military

Did you know that India’s rating is 2.11/5? There are 163 countries in the world and there are many things that are never disclosed to the media. The purchase of equipment done from one country can affect the peace index of the country. Military expenditure includes the cost of national armed forces; land, air naval and […]

According To The Global Peace Index, These Are The 10 Safest Countries In The World

The Global Peace Index report ranked 10 of the safest countries out of 163. The Institute for Economics and Peace released their  Global Peace Index report. It states the safest countries as well as the dangerous ones. The report is based on 23 factors including weapons access and political terror. It was found that 93 […]

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