These Actors Have Carried The Police Department In Hindi Films, It’s Time To Know Them

Bollywood has had an undeniable track record of stereotyping certain actors with certain roles. These are actors you might struggle to recall in any other role, except the one in which they gained fame. But today, we’re talking, very specifically, about policemen in Bollywood. Yes, over the years, Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Salman Khan, and […]

[Watch] How A Bollywood Song Saved This Couple’s Marriage From Falling Apart

Sure, I would too want my spouse to sing for me. But not at a Police Station, bro. Well, Indians love keeping it filmy. We can’t stay without drama, can we? There are instances when we too feel the urge to get up and sing on the table but we never do. Indians ke khoon […]

Bengaluru City Police’s Tweets On Road Safety Are Hilariously Witty!

Cybercrime has increased exponentially in the past five years and it’s a definite cause for concern. Police has not just become aware of the crimes that happen but also creates awareness for the citizens as well. If you think that witty is your middle name then you have to check out Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle! […]

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