Shashi Tharoor’s Hindi Tweet Got People Together To Point Out His Grammatical Mistake

Tharoorian is a pretty indispensable part of the Indian internet at the moment. A language for the thinking troll, Shashi Tharoor in his attempt to disprove Goswami’s exasperating farrago of distortions created another monster altogether. A good reason for every single internet user to exhaust a year’s worth of vocabulary to impress their virtual friends. […]

12 Bollywood Personalities Who Tried Their Hand At Politics Before Rajinikanth Did

A change in career isn’t that drastic for most of us. We simply slide from one job we can’t tolerate to another we can barely tolerate. But it can’t be that simple for an actor, after all, ow is it possible to go anywhere from a job where millions of people you’ll never meet adore […]

As 2017 Comes To An End, We Look At Some Of The Best Rahul Gandhi Jokes From This Year

There has been no politician in India that has been trolled or memed as much as Rahul Gandhi is! Without Rahul Gandhi, we wonder how anyone would get their daily entertainment dose? The President of Congress has been mimicked time and again, sometimes unnecessarily even . 2017 has been a rather interesting year for Rahul […]

Unlike BJP, Twitter Won The Gujarat Elections In An Absolute Landslide Of Dumb Jokes

So the BJP won. Source After all the news coverage and the speculation and debate, the BJP won the Gujarat Elections as well as Himachal Pradesh, leaving only 4 states in India where their foothold remains unestablished. After clashes and countless debates that ranged from news studios to your dinner table, the two states ultimately […]

Here’s All You Need To Know About Rahul Gandhi’s Speech At UC Berkeley

Vice-president of the Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi addressed students at the University of California in Berkely today and spoke about India’s journey as a country and as the world’s largest democracy. ‘India at 70: Reflections on the Path Forward’ was Gandhi’s topic of discussion where he mentioned the contemporary India and current scenarios of the […]

Congress Hosted A Badly Executed Twitter Poll And Got Roasted For It In An Epic Manner!

Politics in India tends to take an unexpected turn at times. The turn usually ends up leading to comedy and then it is a dead end from there. The Congress Party got their share of it.

According To Rahul Gandhi 2 Crores – 1 Lakh = 1 Lakh And Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing At His Goof Up

Rahul Gandhi is the Vice President of Indian National Congress. His comic timing is impeccable! The man never fails to make a goof-up at public events and this, of course, ends up being fodder for those who seek humor in politics. This time around his goof-up was at a fundamental level, more specifically at a mathematical level. […]

Rahul Gandhi’s Name Proposed In Guinness Book Of World Records For Losing 27 Elections

Rahul Gandhi, is already very famous for his speeches and memes, but now the mama’s boy has gone international, for all the wrong reasons! A student approached the Guinness World Records and requested to enlist Rahul Gandhi’s name for losing 27 elections in the country. Source Vishal Diwan, who is an engineering student from Hoshangabad […]

Rahul Gandhi Opened His Mouth Once Again And Obviously Twitter Had A Laughter Riot!

When it comes to Rahul Gandhi, Twitter has a daily quota of trolling him. The politician has to simply speak a word and Twitter would do all that’s left! So much so, that sometimes we pity the poor chap! But it seems Rahul is a magnet to trolls since he makes sure his lack of […]

Smriti Irani Gave A Fitting Reply To Rahul Gandhi’s Version Of Scam

It is always been funny how our members of Parliament exchange their pleasantries on Twitter. Recently, Rahul Gandhi came up with his own version of SCAM and Smriti Irani’s reply won our hearts. The reason? Narendra Modi in his latest speech urged people to fight and get rid of SCAM.  S being Samajwadi Party, C – […]

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