Comic Artist Naolito Creates The Most Adorable “Before And Afters” Of All Time

Anyone who’s been on the internet long enough will agree, “before and after” is a format that’s been done to death. Witticisms and observations, bawdy humour and gorgeous illustrations – we’ve seen it all. But forgive us if these quirky ideas by Naolito have swayed our cold hearts and brought us a modicum of joy. […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Read Deadpool Comics For Those Who Love The Marvel Movie

There are tons of comics featuring Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, but wondering which to get your hands on first?

These Illustrations Are What Every Bookish Nerd Will Relate To

Book lovers often land themselves in awkward situations because of their love and admiration for literature.  Source Bookish nerds have their own little world full of books they love and this world doesn’t really match up with the reality where we all eventually reside. This is bound to create conflict in their minds and they […]

This Artist Illustrated Daily Adventures With His Wife And The Comics Are Hilarious

Yehuda Devir is an artist and character designer. His wife is his inspiration for most of the illustrations. There is a series of comics on how the couple gets through each day. Whether it is his wife taking tons of time getting ready or wrecking up the kitchen but ending up with cereal for dinner or […]

15 Of The Very Best Brown Paper Bag Comics For Your Amusement

Indians are hypocrites. They won’t believe it, but they are. And Brown Paperbag is happy to show it to them. Sailesh Gopalan has been at this since for a bit and has amassed a hilarious collection. According to Sailesh, the comics don’t really need to thought of as autobiographical. His protagonist, Kabir has been kept […]

This Indian Artist Creates Quirky Comic Strips That Feel Way Too Real!

There are times when words aren’t enough. You need images and visuals to make sense of things. Some ideas and feelings are too awkward to be expressed vocally or with words and this is where beautiful imagery comes in. Manasi Deshpande, the brain behind Instagram’s popular comic strips ‘The Comical Cyanide’  is a master at […]

These Super Funny Comics Are Basically Every Average Girl’s Not-So-Average Story!

Not all of us are born with a perfect face, the puppy eyes that would crush every spectator! Some of us have clumsy falls on the very first day of work, a loud mouth that just doesn’t shut up, a face hidden behind those nerdy glasses or a book and a brain that just doesn’t work […]

20 Comics You Will Relate To If You Are A 20-Something Hooman

How often does someone illustrate life in a hilarious way? 20-something humans, sit back and get ready to relate. Mo Welch is an artist, a comedian, and an actress. Her comics are simple, hilarious, and relatable. She illustrates everyday situations in her comics brilliantly. Mo resides in Los Angeles and writes for Nickelodeon. Here are 20 […]

Having A Twisted Sense Of Humor Does Not Make You A Weirdo, It Is Actually A Good Thing!

Yes, you heard that right! If you enjoy dark humor, there might have been times people have called you as cold-hearted or a psycho. Then proceeded to make you feel guilty about it. A study conducted by psychologists at the Medical University of Vienna states that folks who enjoy morbid humor have higher intelligence and […]

These 10 Illustrations Are Exactly How Our Heart And Brain Are Always Looking Into The Opposite Direction!

This happens to everyone! Both reside in the same body, yet one looks into the east and the other never turns from the west. If one says it’s dark, the other will surely talk about the light! If one wants to go ‘there’, the other is not ready to move! There is a constant tug […]

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