Time For Bollywood To Put Down Their Pads And Listen? Comedian Supriya Joshi Thinks So

Bollywood doesn’t half-ass anything. When they want to do something, they’re bound to go all the way with it. Mind you, this isn’t always a good thing. Source But sometimes our film fraternity comes together to support a valid cause other than Tiger Shroff’s career. A cause that film Padman claims to champion. A cause […]

Varun Grover’s Take On Padmaavat Is Something You Can Watch Without Being Insured

Varun Grover has made his name in the Hindi film industry as a fantastic writer and lyricist. With Aisi Taisi Democracy, he has become one of the most recognizable faces in the stand-up scene as well. Recently, he had something to say about the controversy surrounding the release of a movie Padmaavat that has apparently […]

India’s Best Satire Page Gets Taken Off Facebook After Its Admin Received Death Threats

Political satire page Humans Of Hindutva was shut down yesterday, after the admin of the page allegedly started receiving death threats. Somehow, his personal phone number got leaked, and he started receiving threats – which also included threatening his family. The anonymous admin, who also runs the website Satyanash, used to regularly make fun of […]

Son of abish


Sunil Grover To Make A Comeback; Will Replace Krushna’s ‘The Drama Company’

Sunil Grover fans are in for a treat as the comedian is making a comeback with a non-fiction show. Sunil was every Indian household’s favorite as ‘Gutthi’ before his relations with Kapil went for a toss. He left the show which also led to a drastic fall in the TRPs.¬† Source A close source informed […]

Why Can’t Women Be Funny? TLC’s Show “Queens Of Comedy” Aims To Answer Just That

The only time a woman can be funny…is if she’s a man Okay, that opener isn’t true but in the mild shit-storm that surrounds giving women a fair stab at the stand-up comedy scene in India cannot be denied. After all, look at the page form my Amazon Prime subscription under comedy. Source The sausages […]

10 Times Biswa Kalyan Rath Proved That He Is The King Of Chill By Giving No F***s

There are few people who can carry around the cool cat attitude at all times with ease. Biswa Kalyan Rath is one of them. The comedian continually impresses people with his sharp observational comedy and has become one of the A-listers on the Indian stand-up comedy scene. His caustic sense of humor is however not […]

Taking A Behind The Scenes Look At The Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Cast In Real Life

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai reviving for season 2 is the best news for Indian fans. If you haven’t already¬†marked your calendar on 16th May, it is advisable for you to do so immediately! While we know the many quirks of our beloved characters: Roshesh, Maya, Indravardhan, Sahil, Monisha, we are unaware of who they are in […]

Biswa’s New Comedy Sketch ‘Maa Please’ Is A Video That Your Mom Needs To See, ASAP!

Biswa Kalyan Rath’s totally gets the frustration of an Indian youth living away from home and their relation with their moms. Living away from home can be tough. You learn to be self-sufficient and handle your daily tasks independently. What most miss is the pampering and having a sounding board – which is mostly our […]

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