7 Everyday Things That Will Soon Vanish From The Face Of The Planet

We love taking everything for granted, don’t we? When was the last time you used your landline? When was the last time you took played a movie through the DVD player? When did you use the desktop? Technology advancements change everything, don’t they? In the dynamic world that we live in, improvisations are made every […]

Forget Cocaine, Heroin And Weed, Chocolate Is The Newest Drug That People Are Getting High On

Do you like your crippling drug addiction with a side helping of diabetes? Then this has to be the product for you. Source Cocaine, Heroin and LSD have all had their time and are remembered fondly by people from all walks of life. From incarcerated prisoners to movie stars, many around the world have been […]

10 Kit Kat Flavours Available Around The World That You Might Not Believe Exist

Kit Kat is delicious, but fairly limited. It’s a chocolate with deliciously crunchy wafers and then some more chocolate. But apart from a darker and then a fatter version of that, India rarely gets to see any variety from one of its favourite chocolates. However, the rest of the world isn’t as limited. They don’t look at […]

What If You Get Paid To Eat Chocolate, Will You Take This Job?

If Chocolate is your top priority in life, there is a perfect job for you! The Mondelez international, a multi-confectionary company and beverage company also owns Cadbury. It posted a UK job listing on LinkedIn for Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Taster. That’s right, a job that involves tasting and trying different kinds of chocolate, every day. Heavenly! The […]

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