How Do Women Not Know That Single Men Generally Don’t Change Their Bedsheets For Days?

Okay, wait. Go to the nearest single guy you find and ask them this question. That’ll give you perspective. Most single guys often live a stress-free life. Khaaya, peeya, maze kiye and that’s pretty much it. Single men have priorities in life. Career, education, family, nashe, electronics. Ab zindagi ki bhaag daud mein hygiene pe […]

This Is What These 10 Everyday Products Looked Like When They Were Invented

Ever wondered how the first ever Cadbury chocolate was made? Everyone knows how a fridge or a motorcycle looks like now. But do you know how the first motorcycle looked like? The products we use regularly weren’t the same when they were invented. The way technology has advanced through centuries is really surprising. These 10 […]

These 10 Photos Explain How The World Has Changed In The Last 100 Years

The world is ever changing and change is the only constant. Humans have evolved through the early man age into becoming conscious beings that have all the technical advancements. And if the change is seen in a span of 100 years there is probably so much that has gone through a makeover. Inventions have created […]

These Random Pictures Will Take You On A Journey Of How Times Have Changed!

Time does not stop for anyone and change is the only thing that is constant. Every day when we wake up, there is something around us that has changed and we eventually adapt to it with time. As months and years pass by, there is so much around us that keeps changing. Our environment, our […]

Aamir Khan’s #NayiSoch Ad For Star Plus Can Really Change The Way You Look At Your Daughters

Aamir Khan has always gone off the beaten track when it comes to choosing cinema as a social platform. His movies always speak to the larger audience, wrapping around his acting a message, loud enough to shake the country. We remember how PK stirred newspaper headlines and we know how Dangal too created ripples of […]

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