We Reimagined 13 Bollywood Actors As WWE Stars And The Results Are Pretty Damn Hilarious!

What if you give Bollywood stars a WWE makeover, ever wondered how they would look like?

The Real Name Of 10 Celebrities We Honestly Didn’t Know

Celebrities are famous and stuff. Because they are indeed, famous, they need to have a certain air about them. A recognizable trait that can be easily sold to the masses. Very often, these traits end up being their very names. Which is why they’ve got quirky or relatively cooler names than your average people. After […]

10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Worked For These Roles Without Charging Any Money

Celebrities are known to earn loads of money. Not only do they act in the movies but Bollywood industry has opened multiple doors for its inhabitants to earn. While some take it through advertising, brand campaigns, cameos or even modeling, many also open up parallel production houses to make sure that their bank accounts are […]

Houses Owned By Your Favorite Celebrities That Define Luxury!

We’ve always wondered how celebrities stay and what do their houses look like, haven’t we? Well, you will not be surprised with how luxurious their lives are and how grand their houses look. Our favorite celebs sure know how to live the life of their dreams and their houses are just another symbol of their […]

10 Times Journalists Asked Bollywood Celebrities Hilariously Rude Questions

Bollywood interviews and press junkets are awkward as hell. not necessarily because of what the group has gathered to talk about. But because of the amazingly ballsy journalists who ask Bollywood celebrities questionable things. Naturally, this doesn’t apply to all entertainment writers, most are just making a living. But some are just bored enough to […]

10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Were Engineers Before They Took To Films

Engineering is one of the most pursued degrees in India. No matter how talented a singer you are or how much you love dancing or anything else, you aren’t an eligible bachelor unless you are an engineer or a doctor. Not only that makes it mandatory for the youth to become engineers, the degree is […]

Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh, Priyanka & Other Bollywood Celebs Tweet Wishes On Independence Day

India is celebrating its 71st year into its hard fought independence today! With Independence Day being the big day, almost everyone in free India is pouring their love, some by posting pictures, others by posting wishes. Bollywood too is making sure to let the world know about their love for the country. Here’s how Bollywood […]

9 Bollywood Stars You Didn’t Know Got Into Legal Trouble And Ended Up Getting Arrested!

No, it is not the obvious suspects like Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. Here are a bunch of celebs who got arrested at one point in their lives.

10 Pictures Of Bollywood Celebrities With Their Pets That Will Melt Your Heart!

Animals make this world a better place and our favorite Bollywood celebrities would definitely agree to this. Our pets bring us joy when we’re upset and add on to our happiness during joyous moments. We never fail to shower them with love and Bollywood celebrities are no exception! Here are 10 stars with their pets and […]

Takeaway From The IIFA Awards: Are Celebrities Somewhere Obsessed With Offending And Apologizing?

To err is human, to forgive is divine. And nothing glorifies this better than the celebrities of Bollywood or the internet, except that forgiveness is what they expect and err-ing is becoming their everyday ritual. Scroll through the feed of your Twitter account and there is nothing but two kinds of people making sure the […]

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