10 Engineers That Went On To Become Successful Actors

Engineering is one of the most pursued degrees in India. No matter how talented a singer you are or how much you love dancing or anything else, you aren’t an eligible bachelor unless you are an engineer or a doctor. Not only that makes it mandatory for the youth to become engineers, the degree is […]

The Real Name Of 10 Celebrities We Honestly Didn’t Know

Thanks to the pop culture, our celebrities often end up gaining the cult-status. Because they are indeed, famous, they need to have a certain air about them. A recognizable trait that can be easily sold to the masses. Very often, these traits end up being their very names. Which is why they’ve got quirky or […]

Can You Recognize These 12 Celebrities From Their Younger Days?

Let’s play a game. We will show you pictures of 12 celebrities, but before they became famous. Some of them looked similar to how they look now, but some were simply unrecognisable. Let’s see how many of these celebrities can you correctly recognise? The answers are given at the end of the article. 1. Source […]

After Varun Dhawan’s E-Challan, Twitter Asks Mumbai Police To Take Action Against These Guys

Tera dhyaan kidhar hai, tera VIP culture idhar hai… VIP culture in India has become one of the biggest downsides to the ambition of our middle class. We look up to the rich and the powerful in our society and want to become one of the ‘elite’ at some point of time in our lives. […]

9 Bollywood Stars You Didn’t Know Got Into Legal Trouble And Ended Up Getting Arrested!

No, it is not the obvious suspects like Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. Here are a bunch of celebs who got arrested at one point in their lives.

8 Bizzare Auctioned Items That Will Make Your Eyes Pop Out!

Celebrity merchandise auctions are pretty common. Usually, it’s the clothes they wore for a movie that’s usually sold for a charitable cause. However, there are certain pieces which go under the hammer that will really shock you. 1. Salman Khan’s Towel – ₹ 1,42, 000 Source The song ‘Jeene ke hain chaar din’ from the movie, […]

14 Most Educated Bollywood Celebrities Who’ve Aced Exams As Well As The Box-Office

Bollywood doesn’t just have their Wake Up Sids; it also has some highly qualified actors. One of the longest running jokes about Bollywood is the fact that actors were horrible in their academics and therefore, they had to resort to acting. With over-the-top jokes on Arjun Kapoor’s educational qualifications on the AIB Roast, these notions […]

India’s First Madame Tussauds Museum Looks Like The Desi Red Carpet Full Of Celebrities

You can finally meet your favourite celebrities (albeit in their wax avatar) as Madame Tussauds is finally coming to Delhi! India is a country where the social fabric comprises of various threads but two things dominate – celebrities and traditions. We’ve already managed to keep up with our traditions but only a lucky few are […]

We Reimagined 13 Bollywood Actors As WWE Stars And The Results Are Pretty Damn Hilarious!

What if you give Bollywood stars a WWE makeover, ever wondered how they would look like?

10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Worked For These Roles Without Charging Any Money

Celebrities are known to earn loads of money. Not only do they act in the movies but Bollywood industry has opened multiple doors for its inhabitants to earn. While some take it through advertising, brand campaigns, cameos or even modeling, many also open up parallel production houses to make sure that their bank accounts are […]

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