Meet Shrenik Ghodawat, Businessman Who Owns An Unbelievable Collection Of 120 Super Cars

Who doesn’t want to own a supercar? We all dream of owning a Porsche or Ferrari but they end up just being a dream. But for Shrenik Ghodawat, it’s an entirely different story. A passion that started from his grandfather to his father and him, their love for cars has now an incredible collection. Source Their […]

Man Spent Lakhs To Transform Baleno Into Mercedes A-Class Only To Have It Confiscated

This car was modified to such perfection that Taarzan: The Wonder Car would be put down to shame! The owner modified the Maruti Suzuki Baleno car into Mercedez A-class. The Baleno hatchback is one of the most popular cars since the time it was launched in 2015. Known for its features and stunning good looks, this car still has a […]

7 Brands That Produce Almost All The Cars The World Drives In

We’ve all been driven somewhere by an angry Indian driver. This guy, the man behind a thousand “Hatt re bh**di ke!” – s. He’s driving that fancy car that costs more than your rent and spitting out the windows just in case people think he’s too classy. But for a moment, let’s drive our attention […]

The Destiny Of The Real ‘Taarzan The Wonder Car’ Is Sadder Than It Was In The Film

Remember Taarzan the Wonder Car? That haunted piece of metal? Source Taarzan the Wonder Car was the vehicle for Ayesha Takia’s launch in Bollywood. The movie was a piece of work! Not many know the concept of the possessed car was borrowed from Stephen King’s novel Christine. Source For the film, the makers actually created […]

Lamborghini: The Story Of How An Insult By The Owner Of Ferrari Led To The Famous Lamborghini Cars

Ferrari and Lamborghini are the names of the cars that everyone is familiar with; even to people who aren’t interested in it. It’s a dream to own either of them someday. Even to a person who doesn’t know much about engines or the mechanics of what makes the cars best, they are one of the […]

This Three Minute Volvo Ad Is Going To Make You Live Life Fully

If you haven’t met the brilliant work of Alan Watts, perhaps, this right now is the exact moment your life would change from ‘then’ to ‘now’.  Alan Watts was a British philosopher who was greatly influenced by the East Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Buddhism, and by Taoist thought, which is reflected in Zen poetry […]

Anand Mahindra’s Epic Comeback To This Tweet Will Inspire You!

Anand Mahindra is a name which is synonym with the Mahindra cars. He has been part of the automobile industry for more than two decades. It will be no surprise to you, that he is found of cars, that are known for their speed and engine. So, recently, Anand, tweeted an image of a car that he was fascinated about […]

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