Punjabis Beware: Justin Trudeau’s Bhangra Moves Are Giving You Some Serious Competition

Justin Trudeau’s India visit just keeps getting better with time. From dressing up like Manyavar models to making chapatis at Golden Temple, he is doing it all and we can’t help but fall in love with his gestures. Source However, at an event last night, we are convinced that he is one of us and […]

Watch As A Canadian Sikh Politician Handles Racism With Utmost Dignity And Grace

Jagmeet Singh is a politician in Canada and is a part of the NDP. The way one can handle conflicts speaks volumes about them. Politician Jagmeet Singh has set an example of how one should react to hatred with utmost love and courage. The man has made a statement at a recent event where a persistent […]

Justin Trudeau Performed Puja In Traditional Indian Attire, Twitter Loved It

If you don’t admire Justin Trudeau already, we have another reason for you!  Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada always grabs the headlines. He has won a million hearts ever since he got elected. On Saturday, he performed puja at the BAPS mandir in Toronto. He was dressed in a rich silk kurta-pyjama and […]

Justin Trudeau Walking In A Room Full Of People Is Like Every Single Guy In A Club

This one is for all the single men out there who spend their Saturday nights drinking alone at clubs, looking for either friendly faces or a girl they could interact with. Believe me, you are not the only one doing it. Here’s a video of Justin Trudeau doing the same. Yep, the handsome Canadian Prime […]

This Man Continues Mowing His Lawn Like A Boss Completely Ignoring A Tornado Around The Corner!

What would be your normal reaction when you see a tornado approaching you? Most people would run for their life. Not this guy though. Theunis Wessels, a Canadian citizen, was spotted mowing his lawn like a boss even with a tornado right behind him. The tornado appeared in Alberta, Canada, near their home. His wife Cecilia Wessels […]

Presenting To You ‘Young Justin Trudeau’ To Get Rid Of Those Mid-Week Blues!

So, the internet dug out something equivalent to gold today! Justin Trudeau, the charming Prime Minister of Canada who has won the world over with his wit and heart-warming gestures. We wish he was in the limelight when he was younger. He has set some really high standards for other politicians. In Canada, around 1.3 […]

AR Rahman Says No To Canadian Mayor’s Invite And Its A Proud Moment For His Fans

Canadians are really awesome folks as the rumors go. This time the person on the receiving end of all the niceness is the genius music maestro AR Rahman. A R Rahman was in Toronto attending a concert in his honor. The Oscar-winning music composer was in the audience as more than 100 artists paid tribute […]

Sushma Swaraj Asks Amazon To Apologise For Selling Tricolor Doormats

On Wednesday, Sushma Swaraj, in a series of tweets lashed out to the e-retailer and asked them to withdraw the products. Amazon Canada, was selling Indian Flag Doormats and when it came to the notice of the minister, she asked Amazon to remove all the products. Indian High Commission in Canada : This is unacceptable. […]

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