A.R. Rahman Was Asked To Change His Name If He Wanted To Be Accepted In Bollywood

Had he listened to the naysayers, the world would have missed his musical genius.

Dear Bollywood, Stop Ruining Movies With Awful Trailers Full Of Spoilers

Bollywood has often struggled with the technicalities of filmmaking but bad trailers hurt the audiences more than the production houses. Filmmakers and production houses understand the important of a well-made, attention-grabbing movie trailer — one that adheres to these can definitely turn a movie from a box-office nobody into a blockbuster. When a trailer really […]

Senior Actor And Padma Shri Manoj Joshi Addresses Never Having Won Bollywood Awards

A typical Bollywood award ceremony celebrates the star while willingly ignoring actors because you can’t really make money out of ‘performances’ or film ratings. In an absurd turn of events this year, Actor Manoj Joshi, who has worked in some 120 films, was finally acknowledged for his contribution to Indian cinema and was awarded a […]

7 Bollywood Celebs Who Lashed Out Against False And Hate Fuelled News About Themselves

The rumor mill that dedicatedly churns Bollywood for gossip has made false news a part of their jobs. After dealing with the incessant press surrounding their every action, it’s a miracle Bollywood actors get any work done. But sometimes false news goes a step too far, to the point where actors have to intercede and […]

We Revised Padmaavat’s Iconic “Woh Rajput” Dialog For Accuracy In The Year 2018

We’ve heard the word “Padamaavat” way more than we needed to this year. Everyone and their poorly informed friend has a valid opinion about this film long enough to fill in 4 college essays. We’ve really had enough. We’ve had enough of people who insist the film is genius. We’ve had enough of people’s open […]

10 Of Bollywood’s Darkest Off-Beat Comedies To Bring Some Joy To Your Evil Soul

Between apathy and sarcastic disdain there lies an emotion called joy that isn’t too familiar to some of us. Not due to clinical depression of genuine obstacles, but because we’re dicks. Horrible human beings who aren’t too keen to jump in and laugh everytime a puppy does something remotely puppy-ish. But for us, there’s a […]

At 11:43 PM On A Thursday, Rajkummar Rao Dared To Ask Twitter An Important Question

Rajkummar Rao is a talented actor. We know this. Source But much like the rest of us, despite all his acting talent, he is indeed human. A fallible human like the rest of us. Which means like the rest of us the man has some interesting thoughts that ten to strike him at precisely 11.43 […]

Phullu And Pad Man Talk About Menstruation But Their Censor Board Ratings Differ

One key difference between both films is the Censor Board’s approach to them. Phullu was given an ‘A’ rating by the Censor Board whereas Padman got a liberal ‘U/A’ rating.

Twitter User Lists 26 Logical Flaws In Vivah And It’s So Accurate It’s Gone Crazy Viral

This Sooraj Barjatya will make you mad. Very mad. The Vivah movie is not for the feeble.

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