Twitter Revisited History With Bollywood And We Have To Admit History Has Never Been So Funny

Bollywood loves history but history probably doesn’t love it back. Dude, Bollywood adores History way more than you and I ever did in school. So, clearly, Bollywood is not loved in return. Obviously, we can’t do anything about it. Folks on Twitter can literally give anything a funny turn. Recently, they decided to go ahead […]

Here’s What Shefali Zariwala Is Up To 15 Years After Her Hit Song ‘Kaanta Laga’

Shefali Zariwala is pretty unrecognizable Remember the songs we used to listen in the 2000s? The most famous song ‘Kaanta Laga’ was played in discos and bars. It was this song that revolutionized and changed the perception of the ‘remix’ songs. The costume which was highly controversial at that time became a fashion trend. Source […]

9 Bollywood Stars You Didn’t Know Got Into Legal Trouble And Ended Up Getting Arrested!

No, it is not the obvious suspects like Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. Here are a bunch of celebs who got arrested at one point in their lives.

These Are The Choreographers Behind 10 Of The Most Iconic Bollywood Dance Steps

Bollywood music is a genre of its own and Bollywood dance is another course in itself. In Bollywood, no movie is incomplete without a song and a dance sequence. No matter what, all is well when we find our favorite Bollywood celebs shaking a leg on the dhinchaak music. And there are some steps that […]

12 Bollywood Actors Whose Careers Could Not Live Up To Their Debuts

Bollywood has always maintained an almost God-like reverence for its actors. Source  Often looking past their body of work, Bollywood actors are worshipped for their overall star-quality and influence in the industry, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It keeps the multimillion-rupee industry churning out films that help finance smaller more unique works of […]

10 Bollywood Movies With Plot Twists So Good, It Will Bring Out The Inner Sherlock In You

Bollywood plot twists done right! Oxford dictionary defines ‘plot twist’ as : And sometimes Bollywood gets its plot twists right, ultimately making their films more satisfying to watch. They impress audiences and make it worth our time.  Most films feature a linear storyline, hence when a film has a well-executed non-linear narrative, it is refreshing. […]

8 Worst Fashion Trends That We Are Never Forgiving Bollywood For

With every new film that releases at the box office, fashion trends shed their skin and take up new forms, inspiring the latest haute couture cult. Trends are often sparked up by Bollywood films, reach to the zeniths with flea markets brimming with the latest style and finally come to an abrupt end as another […]

5 Of Bollywood’s Worst On Screen Hair Colours That Make Us Want To Dye

Bollywood has a patchy history with hair color. I will tell you a secret about hair colour, it needs to match your skin tone. Trust me on this. I’ve made some horrible hair mistakes. The colour orange haunts me still. You cannot wake up one fine day and decide to wear any colour, randomly. Well, technically […]

We Compared The Best And Worst Performances Of 10 Working Bollywood Actors

We all have days when we’re just not into our jobs. We might be tired, hungover or just plain bored. But Bollywood actors don’t really have the same freedom that we do. Because when they are terrible at their jobs, it lasts about 3 hours and there are millions watching them. The same millions who […]

The Destiny Of The Real ‘Taarzan The Wonder Car’ Is Sadder Than It Was In The Film

Remember Taarzan the Wonder Car? That haunted piece of metal? Source Taarzan the Wonder Car was the vehicle for Ayesha Takia’s launch in Bollywood. The movie was a piece of work! Not many know the concept of the possessed car was borrowed from Stephen King’s novel Christine. Source For the film, the makers actually created […]

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