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13 Locations In Bollywood Movies That Were Actually Not Real

Because even films fool us Source A lot of things goes while making a film. Leaving aside the dates the stars tend to give, there are a lot of permissions needed. From getting the right location at the right time to having all authorisations needed to shoot in that particular locations. But at times, they […]

The Destiny Of The Real ‘Taarzan The Wonder Car’ Is Sadder Than It Was In The Film

Remember Taarzan the Wonder Car? That haunted piece of metal? Source Taarzan the Wonder Car was the vehicle for Ayesha Takia’s launch in Bollywood. The movie was a piece of work! Not many know the concept of the possessed car was borrowed from Stephen King’s novel Christine. Source For the film, the makers actually created […]

10 Foreign Actors Who Appeared In Bollywood Movies And What They’re Upto Now

Bollywood is now becoming a worldwide rage. Actors from Bollywood have also started finding meaningful projects in Bollywood and the industry has also been a platter of opportunities for foreign actors. Time and again, actors from foreign countries have performed in films and many of them have stayed with us for their roles. Here are […]

This Scene From Padmavati’s New Song ‘Ek Dil Ek Jaan’ Has A Major Hint About The Movie

Just one symbolism that ties Padmavati’s poster and trailer I was out on Saturday, watching movies when the song, ‘Ek Dil Ek Jaan‘ was released. The first thing that my friend and I did was stop everything and go to Youtube. The movie Padmavati and its songs have made me so excited that I am […]

10 Bollywood Movies That Could Have Used A Better Plot For The Love Of God

Bollywood movies make up most of our cinematic exposure. Through their musical drama, life seems manageable! With time Bollywood movies have become stories of substance impacting the society in its own ways. Actors have become even more talented, scripts are becoming better and every now and then Bollywood movies have found their way to international […]

13 Bollywood Movies Where Female Spies Stole The Show

I love a good suspense and mystery. I remember when I was a kid, I used to read up detective stories for hours. ( Yes, I loved books since then) While I have grown up reading to Sherlock Holmes, I also adored Nancy Drew series. (It was in no way comparable to Sherlock) Going to […]

Did You Notice These 17 Mistakes In Our Bollywood Movies?

Well, no movie is perfect. There are times when the plot is great and the screenplay is fabulous, but the little errors in the movie seem to fall out. Even when the movie has been super hit, at times the director forgets the little minute things that when looked upon, appear to be daunting. Here […]

10 Times Bollywood Proved That Good Guys Don’t Exactly Have An Easy Life

Bollywood is one dramatic tutorial for life! While we may think that the world of films is fictional and things that happen in the movie won’t happen in real but many times Bollywood portrays real-life incidents that we connect with completely. Not all love stories end with a happy ending and there are times when […]

Do You Know How Much Rishi Kapoor’s Makeup In Kapoor And Sons Cost?

Rishi Kapoor is the most versatile actor in Bollywood. While he was known as the King of Romance, off late, he has been experimenting with his role. From Lauf Lala in Agneepath┬áto the gay principal in Student of the Year, it seems the actor has done it all. In Kapoor and Sons, Rishi Kapoor surprised […]

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