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10 Cult Films You Won’t Believe Were Flops Upon Release

Bollywood has a weird way of functioning. Some films, which are well made, flop upon releasing. And some others, which are not that great, manage to make merry (and money) at the box office. Some of the former variety go on to become cult classics, as people who watch it on television, and DVDs realise […]

These Actors Have Carried The Police Department In Hindi Films, It’s Time To Know Them

Bollywood has had an undeniable track record of stereotyping certain actors with certain roles. These are actors you might struggle to recall in any other role, except the one in which they gained fame. But today, we’re talking, very specifically, about policemen in Bollywood. Yes, over the years, Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Salman Khan, and […]

These 8 Timeless Black And White Films Had A More Colourful Makeover In Recent Years

These films were recolored and can now be seen in better quality.

8 Superstars From The 90s Who Made Embarrassing Comebacks In 2017

90’s kids were totally disappointed this year. The whole deal with comebacks is that you need to be really careful and make a point. Whether it is a verbal comeback or a Bollywood one, it needs to be valid. There is no point in making a comeback which doesn’t pack a punch. So we saw many […]

These Were The Best Indian Actresses Who Made Bollywood Tolerable For Us 2017

Ah, Bollywood. Every year we think that our year at the movies was terrible, but maybe next one will be better. But next year turns out to be more of the same There’s one more common theme- every year we think that the position of women in our industry is changing, that they are FINALLY […]

10 Upcoming Bollywood Films You Had No Idea Were Releasing In 2018

We have all read articles about the supposed ‘big movies’ that are coming out next year. But there are a few other films that will also be releasing that haven’t been talked about all that much. Here, we list down 10 films releasing in 2018, which may have flown under the radar. #1 Paltan Source JP […]

7 Bollywood Sequels Releasing In 2018 That You Totally Didn’t See Coming

Bollywood is obsessed with its sequels to hit films. The formula has worked decently well in the past. Going by the same set of characters which worked the first time around, creates a sense of familiarity with the audience, who then laps it up. 2018 is going to be no different. A number of films, […]

Here’s How Many Films Bollywood’s Biggest Families Have Contributed To Indian Cinema

While nepotism has shadowed Bollywood, there’s another side to it that we don’t often see. The film fraternity has seen many actors from filmy as well as non-filmy backgrounds. Having support crucial in life. So the ones who have the luxury to have that support often bear the brunt of public discontent. We aren’t saying […]

These Are The 10 Worst Bollywood Movies To Have Come Out In 2017

Yes, yes, we know the year hasn’t ended yet. But it is safe to assume that these movies were so bad, that nothing in December can surpass them. Let’s talk about the 10 Bollywood movies which forced you into having Saridon! #10 Tera Intezaar Source Is anyone surprised that an Arbaaz Khan film is on […]

12 Legendary Supporting Actors From The 90s We Miss In Today’s Films

The 90s were a surprising time for Bollywood. We moved from the ‘angry young man’ roles to heroes who knew how to laugh at themselves. We had our Govindas entertaining audience besides the Khans and all was well in the world. But if you look through each of their hits, there is a distinct pattern. Supporting characters […]

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