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While 2017 Was Rajkummar Rao’s Year, 2018 Could Belong To These Upcoming Talented Actors

Making a film is a team effort. Everyone- starting from the writer, to the producer, to the director, to the actors put in an effort. What also cannot be denied are the efforts of the supporting cast- the men and women who are not the crux of the story, but make their (limited) parts work. […]

10 Of The Best Actors Who Made Bollywood Watchable In 2017

2017 was an interesting year, to say the least. The movies that everyone thought will work, did not work. And then there were some movies that came out of nowhere and just proved better than the others. There were a few unusual actors, who made this year their own, and a few usual suspects. Let’s […]

These 6 Bollywood Movies Were Shot At The Houses Of Celebrities

How real can fiction get? We love how we can just detach from everything real when we enter a cinema hall. It must be different for the ones who act, right? Their lives are always under the spotlight and what they do on and off camera catches our attention. Being famous is a part of […]

8 Of The Best Debuts In Bollywood In 2017

2017 in totality was a sad year for Bollywood. Bollywood saw a number of flops because the audience has started loving content by all means. But that can be a statement only on the day we see a film like Trapped earn moolah at the box office. Having said that, movies were made and many […]

7 Hindi Films That Inspired People To Commit Crimes In Real Life

We have always heard how real life has inspired fiction but it also works the other way round. Works of fiction always have a bit of reality in them but what happens when the line blurs? We would love to see how a couple would sing in the middle of corn feilds and forget that […]

Here’s How India’s Biggest Actors Have Evolved From How They Looked In 2000

Time changes everything, right? Except for our love for Bollywood. Everything has changed in these 17 years. Get this, it has been 17 years since Aamir Khan and Preity┬áZinta sang ‘Jaane Kyun Log Pyaar Karte Hai’ and we couldn’t help but love them. It has been 16 years since we saw Shah Rukh Khan and […]

These Are The Highest Paid Bollywood Actors Of 2017, According To Forbes

2017, has really been a bittersweet year for Bollywood. Mostly bitter, actually. This year Bollywood saw both commercial as well as content-driven films winning hearts but mostly we saw everything that was good, bad, sad, and unworthy. But we did. This year has probably been the toughest at the creative front. All that aside, here […]

8 Hindi Film Actors Who Represented India In Sports Before Bollywood Happened To Them

These Bollywood actors are legit athletes. athlete: (noun) a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise. Some people can walk, jump and emote at the same time. These Bollywood actors are pretty great at it. While we know they are obsessed with fitness and discipline, did you know that they […]

10 Bollywood Actors Who Have Taken Big Risks At The Peak Of Their Career

For Bollywood celebrities, their career is the most precious thing to them. Every move they make and every public stint is always towards their careers. But what takes them to the peaks is often steps that were risky to their already stable careers. One wrong move and their career graphs can topple down. But the […]

Here’s How Many Films Bollywood’s Biggest Families Have Contributed To Indian Cinema

While nepotism has shadowed Bollywood, there’s another side to it that we don’t often see. The film fraternity has seen many actors from filmy as well as non-filmy backgrounds. Having support crucial in life. So the ones who have the luxury to have that support often bear the brunt of public discontent. We aren’t saying […]

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