Board Exams

Rejoice ICSE And ISC Students, Your Minimum Passing Percentage Has Been Lowered

The dark black clouds have taken over as board examinations dates have been announced! Source It’s time for you all to stop being on social media and bury your head in your books but well, now that you are here, we might as well give you a good news.  Source Well, if you belong to […]

Real Beauty With Brains, Miss India 2016 Scores 97% In 12th Board Exams!

Don’t we all remember the Femina Miss India Beauty Pageant 2016, Pankhuri Gidwani? We loved her smile and boy, she looked drop dead gorgeous. Well, she not only smiled her way through the Miss India 2016 but also through the board examination this year with an amazing score of 97%. She’d won our hearts when […]

7 Thoughts All Of Us Have When The Board Exam Results Are About To Be Announced

There is nothing scarier than board exam results. Although, I am done with my ‘board exam phase’, my past still gives me nightmares. The pressure of getting a high score paired with scoring higher than your friends and basically everyone your parents know is too much! Before even the results are out you are sorted […]

CBSE Class 12 Results Might Be Delayed And Twitter Is Hilariously Upset

Board examinations are the beginning of the end of your childhood. Suddenly, you’re being held accountable for your life till then, consisted of updating Facebook with pictures of your shitty friends. But there’s no denying that the result will dictate the following 2 to 5 years of your life and might even have an impact […]

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