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15 Behind The Scene Photos Of Salman Khan You Haven’t Seen Before!

Who doesn’t adore Salman Khan? Well a lot of people, to be honest. However, the moolah he creates at the box office is enough to say that there is no one like him in the same pay scale. Salman Khan has, in every film, kept the 90’s alive. Having said that his films are meant […]

15 Behind The Scenes Pictures Of Shah Rukh Khan We Bet You Haven’t Seen Before

Shah Rukh Khan is the king of romance and is simply perfection in everything he does. From swooning his actresses with his charming dimples to being the most down to earth superstar, our King Khan is simply awesome. However, do you know how much effort and hard work goes behind the scenes while shooting a […]

20 Photos From Behind The Scenes Of Your Favorite Bollywood Movies

We have only seen the magic Bollywood creates on the screen. Who doesn’t remember this scene? We wonder how much time they must have taken to get the shot right. Bollywood has been a part of every Indian’s life. We know the songs, we love the dialogues, and we idolize the superstars! There is so […]

Does Annabelle: Creation Scare The Hell Out Of You? Here’s A Sneak Peak Into Its Making!

As you’re probably aware, Annabelle: Creation released this week, almost 3 years after the first Annabelle movie released. The movie is a prequel to the spin-off of the highly successful Conjuring series based on the case files of demonologist Ed and his clairvoyant wife Lorraine Warren. Based on a Raggedy Ann doll called Annabelle, that’s […]

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