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15 Weird Things Women Did For Beauty In History That Would Make No Sense Today

Women and beauty are quite synonymous terms. Since time immemorial, women have been obsessed with looking beautiful and done things that would add a glint of admiration to them.It has been with women since their evolution and still been changing. What we see beautiful today was nowhere in the dictionary of beauty in the past […]

This Fashion Photo Shoot Of Women With Down Syndrome Is Defining Beauty Beyond Conventions

Sanjyot Telang, a Paris-based photographer, visited the NGO Kimkan in Mumbai and conducted a photo shoot that features young women living with down syndrome. When it comes to beauty, it doesn’t conform to a set of rules. It surpasses all barriers of color, caste or creed and lies in the heart of the beholder. However, there […]

#Throwback To These 8 Beauty Trends That Defined 2016!

2016  was a big year for fashion. We saw the industry make significant efforts towards making beauty more inclusive and widening our definition of the term too. We saw Laxmi Agarwal and Reshma Qureshi walk the ramp, and James Charles became the first male Covergirl. Suffice it to say, our understanding of beauty will never […]

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