Beach Vacation Ideas

6 Lesser Known Islands In India That Are Perfect For A Quiet Getaway

I’ve always been a beach person. So whenever I’m on a vacation, chances are, I’m always looking for the shore. There’s just something about an island that is incredibly rejuvenating. The salty air, the palm-fringed coast, the warm sand that stretches for miles, and oh, the views! I’m getting carried away, aren’t I? Back to […]

8 Reasons You Should Be Heading To Colombia On Your Next International Vacation!

Colombia is an exceptional destination if you want to experience beauty in the ordinary, despite its dark history of cocaine cartels, kidnappings and corruption. In the last two decades, it has evolved into one of Latin America’s brightest stars. Here are 8 compelling reasons to visit if you need any more convincing! 1. Caño Cristales […]

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