Twitter Couldn’t Stop Laughing As Rahul Gandhi Called Bangalore A State

Rahul Gandhi called Bangalore a state and blurted in a speech. The Vice President of the Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi has always been in limelight. Or should we say his speeches are more popular than him? So, Rahul Gandhi was at the launch of Indira canteen and made two blunders. This is what he […]

Zany Tweets From The Mumbai, Bangalore And Delhi Police Departments That Prove Their Comedic Chops

India’s love for its police force always depends on three things – current events, personal experience and how many times they ended up watching Khakee. But despite everything we assume about police officers, hopefully, we all come to respect them in time. Enough to listen to the giant man with a gun when he tells […]

Bengaluru City Police’s Tweets On Road Safety Are Hilariously Witty!

Cybercrime has increased exponentially in the past five years and it’s a definite cause for concern. Police has not just become aware of the crimes that happen but also creates awareness for the citizens as well. If you think that witty is your middle name then you have to check out Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle! […]

Bengaluru Averted A Terrorist Attack- Because Of Its Bad Traffic

Yes, you read that right. Thousands of lives were saved because of Bengaluru’s infamous traffic. According to a report in the Deccan Herald, a man named Habib Mia, arrested in Tripura and brought to Bengaluru last week, told police that terrorists who attacked IISc on December 28, 2005, also planned to attack other seminar events, to […]

To Close A Credit Card, SBI Demands 5 Paise From A Farmer And We Are Digging For Some 5 Paisa Coins Now!

When it comes to banks and their dues, it cannot be less a hefty amount. However, SBI takes its dues really seriously! Recently, SBI (State Bank Of India) surprised its customer by asking him to pay his outstanding due if he wanted to close the card account and the amount was mere 5 paise. According to […]

Twitter Has Funny Things To Say Now That iPhone Will Be Made In India

iPhone has always been a premier phone in the market, targeted towards the status quo. If you’ve been avoiding purchasing it due to a cash crunch, there is a great news for you in store. iPhone fans you can now rejoice, the popular manufacturer will be setting up a factory in Banglore! A press announcement […]

What Makes Bengaluru The Most Dynamic City In The World?

If you are living in Bengaluru, this is your time to gloat. According to a recent World Economic Forum, Bengaluru was named as the most dynamic city in the world! It topped the list, running ahead of Silicon Valley, London, and Shanghai. The rankings were made on criteria such as infrastructure, affordable housing, environment, etc. We […]

Akshay Kumar Has A Message For All The Girls And We Are Moved

As ‘PINK’ said, “Hamare yahan ghadi ki sui character decide karti hai”. Nothing could have proved the truth in this better than the Bangalore mass molestation. This year started on a horrible note with the mass molestation of hundreds of girls by a bunch of hooligans. Their fault? They were out on the roads, celebrating the new year […]

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