10 Writers Who Predicted The Future Through Their Stories And Actually Proved To Be Right

A writer is often a function of his imagination. Through his work of fiction, they try to weave stories and bring them to life in their novels and stories. However, what was written as a work of fiction turned out to be creepily true years after some books were published. Here are 10 famous authors […]

These Beautiful Poems Are What All The Girls Need To Read On This National Girl Child Day!

She is a daughter, sister, a wife and a mother, in all forms of love. Her compassion and strength have no limits and there is an infinite pool of care that blossoms right when she comes to life, a girl. So much are we unsafe for the ‘xx chromosome’, that we have a National Girl […]

6 Bestsellers You Must Read Before They Hit The Screens In 2017

Hello¬†Bookworms! Yeah, we know how it feels when you end up watching a movie that already had a masterpiece written for you to have it all to yourself, snuggling in your cocoon, face to face with the mastermind behind those pages! Could there be a bigger torture of letting it all go down the drain […]

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