Ar Rahman

5 AR Rahman Compositions That Proves Music Is The Universal Language

AR Rahman Compositions needs no introduction. The Mozart of Madras is the┬ájack of all trade when it comes to music, known for not just his voice, but also to compose music, experiment with different musical instruments, integrating it and mastering it. His passion for music and love for instruments has what made him famous worldwide. […]

10 International Films You Didn’t Know A. R. Rahman Composed Music For

A.R. Rahman is not just a musician. He is a school of music unto himself. The legendary music director has already made himself immortal with his exceptional work in Hindi and Tamil cinema. He has won a handful of awards throughout his career. But we are not aware of his realm of work outside India. […]

AR Rahman Says No To Canadian Mayor’s Invite And Its A Proud Moment For His Fans

Canadians are really awesome folks as the rumors go. This time the person on the receiving end of all the niceness is the genius music maestro AR Rahman. A R Rahman was in Toronto attending a concert in his honor. The Oscar-winning music composer was in the audience as more than 100 artists paid tribute […]

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