Apurva Asrani

Simran Writer Apurva Asrani Writes A Heartfelt Facebook Post About His Bell’s Palsy

Apurva Asrani recently revealed a tough news for his fans. His collaboration with filmmaker Hansal Mehta was much talked about.

Kangana Ranaut Finally Opens Up About Apurva Asrani’s Allegations Over Stealing His Writing Credit For ‘Simran’

Kangana Ranaut has a knack for making headlines with everything she does. She has been extremely vocal about the rampant nepotism in the Hindi film industry, has delivered some of the finest acting performances of the last five years, and has found a way to alienate most of the co-stars from Bollywood. That’s no mean […]

Kangana Ranaut Vs Bollywood, Round 3 – Her Sister Rangoli Royally Bashed Apurva Asrani For Calling Kangana A Nepotist

So, this Kangana Ranaut thing has been going on for a while right? It feels like a lifetime of reading one redundant piece of news after another about Karan Johar defending a pretty despicable position. A position of refusing to simply just admit that Kangana happened to be right about things. Right about the fact […]

This Writer Accuses ‘Simran’ Writer Apurva Asrani For Taking Credits For Writing ‘Shahid’

Post the release of Kangana Ranaut’s next movie, Simran’s first teaser, the movie is already garnering too much attention. Yesterday, the original screenplay writer of the movie came up with an elaborate post alleging that Kangana had been given undue credits for additional writing. Kangana’s name was also positioned before the original writer of the movie, […]

‘Simran’ Writer Writes An Elaborate Post Alleging Kangana For Taking Undue Writing Credits

Kangana Ranaut’s upcoming movie Simran whizzed past our screens with its first Teaser some days back. In no time, the first look of the movie bagged an instant liking with the viewers and was loved. However, the original writer of the movie was upset with sharing the additional writing credits given to Kangana Ranaut. In […]

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