7 Of The Craziest Things People Around The World Have Done For Their Love Of iPhones

iPhones are a phone like any other. You can make calls, take pictures and watch porn discreetly. But fans of the iPhone are insistent on the phone’s superior quality and performance. Insisting that it is the best of the best. And they hold on to that opinion pretty damn hard. Which is why they go […]

You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Estimated Cost Of Production Of The New iPhone X

The cost of production of iPhone X is not even 50 % of the selling price. The new iPhone X is the most expensive one till date being priced at $999 and in India will be around ₹1,02,000. iPhone 8 is priced at ₹89,000 and upwards. The new one is said to have a full […]

Before You Pay For A New iPhone X, Here’s 10 Countries Where It Costs Less Than In India

If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone! For who don’t know, the sale of the iPhone 8 and 8 plus has begun. Prepare your wallets! Accounting for the loyalty of Apple users we’re pretty sure that there will be a shortage in supply. iPhone 8 costs around Rs. 86,000 in India. […]

15 Facts About International Brands You’ll Have A Hard Time Believing

Did you know Apple iPad’s retina display is manufactured by Samsung? It is impossible to know everything about everything. We can always try but we’ll always fail. In this endless spectrum of knowledge, it’s important to take care of the little details. There’s a reason big businesses spend hours in meeting rooms. Popular products we […]

19 Brutally Honest Product Taglines For Brands India Knows And Loves

We use products just about every day. Most products have their uses but all of them have product taglines. Source Most of these taglines are also complete lies.  Garbage.  Jhoot. This happened because nobody wanted to know the truth, ever. They wanted people to think the crap they were selling was worth buying. And to […]

Everything You Need To Know About The 7 Products Google Launched Yesterday

Google launched around 7 products yesterday in Calfornia Google held a press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. From smartphones to a wearable camera, the tech giant launched 13 products. The event was a low-key one but it is now clear that Google does want to be a gadget company. The products look absolutely brilliant […]

7 Ridiculous But Fun Things You Can Pay For Using Apple iPhone X’s

So Apple just released a new phone, the iPhone X, 8 and 8s, and the world is losing its shit! Source But while the rest of the world whines about how expensive the new iPhone 8, 8s and X are, we cater to a finer customer. To people who can actually afford the finer things […]

Chetan Bhagat Met CEO Of Apple And Now Twitter Is Busy Trolling Him

Chetan Bhagat is a household name. All his books have been bestsellers and his works have been made into movies. His famous books ‘Five Point Someone’, ‘2 States’, ‘Three Mistakes Of My Life’, ‘Half Girlfriend’ was reworked into super hit movies, ‘3 Idiots’, ‘2 States’, ‘Kai Po Che’ and ‘Half Girlfriend’ respectively. He is favourite of […]

Apple iPhone 6 At Rs 3,999? Yes, It’s Possible On Flipkart

Well, I know people who are obsessed with iPhone like anything, they wait for the new edition and obsess over features – those who don’t, are basically poor. So, here is a deal which will make it possible to buy iPhone 6 in less than ₹4000. Under an exchange scheme on an e-commerce site, Flipkart. […]

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