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7 Of The Craziest Things People Around The World Have Done For Their Love Of iPhones

iPhones are a phone like any other. You can make calls, take pictures and watch porn discreetly. But fans of the iPhone are insistent on the phone’s superior quality and performance. Insisting that it is the best of the best. And they hold on to that opinion pretty damn hard. Which is why they go […]

You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Estimated Cost Of Production Of The New iPhone X

The cost of production of iPhone X is not even 50 % of the selling price. The new iPhone X is the most expensive one till date being priced at $999 and in India will be around ₹1,02,000. iPhone 8 is priced at ₹89,000 and upwards. The new one is said to have a full […]

AIB’s Taken On The New Apple iPhone X In Hilarious Fashion

Guys, there’s a new iPhone, which means for one month we’ll all be bitching about how expensive it is before buying it on EMI anyway. The new iPhone has a dizzying set of features. Including a 5.8 inch screen, facial scanning, virtual reality and other completely useless things you’ll probably find amusing for about 5 minutes […]

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