Shashi Tharoor Responds To AMUL’s Cartoon On Him With Class, Humor And More Big Words

This politician is known to voice his opinions and prove facts and distort your perceived notions. Apart from his innate intellect, Shashi Tharoor’s proficient use of English language has given him an unusual status. When  ‘The Republic’ Arnab Goswami created controversy by releasing Sunanda Murder Tapes to air which directly incriminated Shashi Tharoor for the crime, he […]

Amul’s Ad On The Blue Whale Challenge Is Spot On!

Amul has been known for making legendary ads and most of the times they focus on topics that are relevant to the society. Their ads address issues that are related to the people in negative or positive ways and leave us with mixed emotions! This time the brand has focused on the much spoke ‘Blue […]

The Hilarious New Amul Mooch Ad Will Definitely Make You Reach For A Glass Of Milk

Regardless of how “global” the Indian market gets, there will always be brands that are inseparable from the Indian psyche. The Parle-G, Nirma, Ujala, Vicco and Tata gang that can never really be replaced. But for sure, the grand-daddy of them all remains Amul. The ‘Taste of India’ that has always managed to remain relevant, without losing […]

8 Times The Amul Girl Made News Funny And Relatable!

If you are a true desi, there is no way you missed out on the amazing Amul Girl posters on various hoardings and highways. Trust them to talk about the serious news in the most “punny“ way. The adorable Amul girl in the polka dress first appeared 50 years ago. With her trademark wit she […]

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