10 Of The World’s Strongest Alcoholic Drinks We’re Not Sure You Can Handle

Getting drunk is fun, till it’s not. Because while a few drinks with friends can be rewarding and help you have a good time, there’s always a point where you’ll have one too many and then be unable to hold a conversation longer than four words. But while a bottle and a half of Old […]

Do You Know There Is A Difference Between Whisky And Whiskey?

Have you ever noticed that there are two different spellings of whisky (whiskey)? For most of us, Whisky and Whiskey is just one thing. We don’t bother with the spelling and just order the usual. If there is a fancy occasion, then we choose our favourite Jack Daniels. But actually, there is some difference in between […]

These Illustrations Perfectly Summarize How Life Changes In Our Twenties

Being an adult is difficult and being a 20-something-year old can be scary at times. Life changes so dramatically that it becomes a roller-coaster ride of emotions and financial stability during your twenties. At DailySocial, we’ve tried summarising the life-experiences of every average person in their twenties with these illustrations: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 […]

8 Unnecessarily Expensive Versions Of The Cheap Alcohol You Know And Love

Daru is the bedrock for many noble traditions. Without alcohol, there would be so much we would be unable to accomplish. We wouldn’t be able to talk to new people, dance in crowded spaces or even hit on people more attractive than us. You think we sound like consummate alcoholics, probably do. But there is no […]

7 Of The Most Popular Types Of Beer You Should Definitely Get Drunk On

Beer is love. Beer is life. It’s the sweet golden liquid that soothes your hurts. It keeps you company when you’re lonely. It makes you smile when you’re upset. But beer isn’t simple. It’s delicious, smooth and complex. It has facets and varieties and brewing traditions that are definitely worth a try. #1 Ales Source […]

This Mumbai Bar Is Offering Unlimited Drinks To Men At Just ₹ 999, Tomorrow!

You must have heard of ladies’ nights at a lot of pubs and bars, where women can have complimentary drinks. None of those bars have had a ‘men’s night’. So far. Glocal Junction in Mumbai is about to change all of that, as they are doing something special for men. So what’s the deal? A […]

Favorite Beers From These 15 Countries Will Make You Want To Crack Open A Cold One

Beer is cheap and beer is not really that good for your waistline. But beer is awesome and every country has a favorite one. Beer is that lubricant for social situations, that makes you feel less awkward to be around people. You carry it around in your hand throughout the party just so you can pretend […]

PM Modi Expressed His Concern Over Alcoholism And Twitterati Is Shitting Bricks Already

 Just keeping you guys informed that there is a major announcement coming up before Diwali. Earlier today, Narendra Modi voiced his concern over the growing problem of alcoholism. He went on to say that the society will be ruined in the next 25 years if the menace was not checked. Modi ji was addressing the people […]

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