Aishwarya Rai

Weinstein Wanted To Meet Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Alone Claims Her Former Manager

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has been in news lately, but not for right reasons. He has been blamed of sexually harassing multiple women over a period of nearly three decades. He has been fired from his own firm, The Weinstein Company. Source Among the women who opened up was Gwyneth Paltrow, the Iron Man actress. […]

Bet You Didn’t Know That These 7 Bollywood Debuts Were Supposed To Happen

Anything can happen in Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor had shot some portions of the film. A Bollywood actor’s choices are very critical in making or breaking his career. The first step into the industry needs to be a memorable one, the audience will remember you through it. Bollywood is very dynamic and at times the drop […]

10 Of The The Most Expensive Costumes Bollywood Has Ever Put On Screen

Anyone who watches films will know how important costumes end up being. Because god knows Gangs of Wasseypur wouldn’t be the same movie if everyone was in track pants and Hollister T-shirts. Source The illusion of things happening on screen needs characters to be dressed believably. To be dressed like real people would in their […]

Ever Wondered What Happens To The Costumes After Bollywood Films Are Done And Dusted?

What happened to Raj’s jacket from DDLJ or Leela’s ghagra from Ram Leela? Whatever Bollywood actors do or wear on screen influences every Bollywood lover’s life! The clothes, the characters, and the actors are all admired to an extent that we’ll never know. Our love for Bollywood goes way beyond just buying the ticket and […]

7 Times Bollywood Actors Delivered Wholly Unexpected Performances

Bollywood actors each have their own thing. Some have talent, some have abs, some have dads. Source But actors, like the rest of us average looking people, are not all equal. There are some who might exceed at dramatic roles that make you feel guilty about paying 250 for popcorn. Some are better at gyrating […]

Before Padmavati, Catch Up On The Best And Worst Historic Dramas Bollywood Has To Offer

Padmavati’s first poster is out and even at 6 in the morning, we couldn’t help but pay attention. Source (L),(R) Deepika Padukone looks stunning in her new avatar and people couldn’t contain themselves. But in our excitement, let us not forget our past. A past full of historical dramas that have hit the silver screen. […]

10 Photos Of Your Favorite Bollywood Actresses We Bet You Haven’t Seen Before

We adore Bollywood and their leading ladies who rule it. The queens who rule Bollywood have their story of struggle and have come a long way. Most of the actresses have won beauty pageants or started their careers as models. Although their modeling days are behind these successful actresses, photographs do turn the clock back! We […]

14 Bollywood Celebs Who Have Aged Gracefully Over The Years

They say youthfulness doesn’t last. They say age catches up with beauty. Age is just a number and nobody can prove it right more than these Bollywood celebrities who are still in the industry for the past decades. In fact, like old wine, they just seem to be getting better with age. Here are all the celebs […]

14 Rare Facts And Unseen Pictures Of Aishwarya Rai That Speak For Her Unmatched Beauty

There is no denying the fact that God definitely had given some special touches to his art when he created Aishwarya Rai. The timeless beauty was indeed born beautiful and winning the Miss World in 1994 was just a formality for her. The world too has declared her as one of the most beautiful women ever […]

Day 4 At Cannes 2017: Aishwarya Is The Black Swan Ready To Take Over The World

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has made more than enough headlines for her stunning beauty and timeless pieces at Cannes 2017 this year. With the last three days full of Aishwarya making it hard to ignore her pictures on the web, it seems the Cannes Queen has finally gotten into the Red Carpet rules and mastered the […]

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